Trump has promised a new immigration decree next week

Donald Trump

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Donald trump has announced that a new “comprehensive” immigration decree will appear next week. The action remains suspended by the court of appeal decision

The US President Donald trump said that next week will sign a new migration presidential decree aimed to protect the country. About the American President said at a press conference, according to Reuters.

“We will release a new comprehensive decree next week that will protect our people,” said trump.

The previous migration of the decree, according to which the USA temporarily banned entry to citizens from seven countries with a predominantly Muslim population, was suspended by the decision of the court.

Last week, trump said that his administration is preparing new measures to protect national security.

February 10 the court of appeals in the US upheld the decision of Federal judges to suspend the action of the former immigration decree, issued by trump at the end of January. The trump called the decision “shameful,” and the U.S. justice Department tried to challenge him.

Trump has signed a decree on January 28. The document, in particular, temporarily curtailed the program for the reception, introduced the 90-day ban on the entry of citizens from seven countries with a predominantly Muslim population. It was about the citizens of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

The appearance of this decree sparked protests in both the States and in other countries.

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