Vedomosti learned about the possibility of shifting the deadlines “of the law Spring”

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The expert group at the open government recommends to support the MTS on the establishment of a pilot project for data storage, which requires “the law of Spring”. Because of this, the timing of the law can be pushed to 2019

The timing of the implementation of the “law of Spring” can be shifted to 2019. About this “Vedomosti” familiar with the conclusion of the expert group at the open government.

Conclusion prepared by experts for the meeting of the government, to be held on Friday, February 17, the newspaper said. In the document, in particular, contains a recommendation to support the MTS on the establishment of a pilot project for data storage, which requires “the law of Spring”. As explained to the edition a source close to the expert group, because of this, the timing of the law can be pushed.

As noted in an interview with the publication, the representative of MTS Dmitry Solodovnikov, the establishment of the pilot zone will allow not only to estimate the cost of the project, but to understand how the priority of different types of stored information to determine whether storage of particular information, consider the storage time. In addition to the MTS for the creation of a pilot zone is also “MegaFon”, the “Vedomosti”. These two mobile operator has expressed a willingness to participate in the project.

In conclusion, the prepared for the upcoming meeting, also said that the exact costs of the operators on the implementation of the law can be assessed only after the launch of this project. By estimates of MTS, it will take about 400 billion rubles per year, according to estimates of the expert group — RUB 100 billion From the document it also follows that the panel finds it appropriate to implement a phased increase in the timing and volume of data storage.

The expert group operates under the leadership of Minister for open government Mikhail Abyzov. The conclusion is prepared based on the views and positions of the Ministry of interior, Ministry of communications, Ministry of industry and trade, FAS and FSB, the document says.

Anti-terrorism package of laws, which received the informal name “the law of Spring” (named by one of its authors — the Deputy of the state Duma Irina Yarovaya), was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin in July 2016. “The law of Spring”, in particular instructs the operators and organizers of information dissemination on the Internet of up to six months to keep records of calls, content messages and other communications subscribers. The specific amount that should be stored, should determine the government.

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