Vitamins help the flu and schizophrenia

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The review conducted in the world of scientific studies have demonstrated that additional therapy with high doses of B vitamins helps reduce the symptoms of schizophrenia. The work was funded by the medical research Council (Medical Research Council) and University of Manchester (University of Manchester). Lead author Joseph Firth (Joseph Firth) stated that vitamins significantly improve the condition of patients.

Schizophrenia is sick about 1% of the world population. Treat her with antipsychotic drugs. In the first few months of the patients the disease begins to appear less often – rarely there are hallucinations and episodes of delirium – but in the long term treatment results are not too good in 80% of patients the disease returns.

The researchers analyzed scientific papers which described the use of vitamins as dietary supplements in the treatment of schizophrenia. All such work found 18, participated in 832 patients. The additional intake of B-vitamins in large doses consistently reduced the expression of psychiatric symptoms. Small doses the effect is not given. Another important factor was the time you start taking vitamins – the sooner the patient started to give them, the better it felt, that is in the early stages of the disease supplements have been more effective.

Joseph Firth concluded that conventional therapy in schizophrenia is combined with nutritional supplements in the form of vitamins of group B, stressed that in patients with genetic or caused by diet deficiency of these vitamins results can be even better. Now scientists will be doing researches on the influence of nutritional supplements on psychological health, and will test how vitamins affect, for example, the functioning of the brain as a whole.

Additional benefits of another vitamin was told by the staff of the University of London Queen Mary (Queen Mary University of London). They found that vitamin D significantly reduces the likelihood of getting the flu or SARS, and the lower the initial content of this vitamin in the body – the better the effect. People with the lowest concentrations of vitamin D appropriate nutritional supplements decreased the probability of getting sick twice. Scientists have suggested that vitamin protects against respiratory infections by increasing in light of the number of peptide-fighting microbes. Employees of the University reviewed 25 scientific works from 14 countries, the total number of participants in these studies was around 11 thousand.

Before “Mednovosti” wrote that a lack of vitamin A can also be critical – even a small shortage led to an increased formation in the mouse brain of amyloid plaques. Those plaques, in turn, influenced the cognitive function of animals – until the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

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