About the benefits of genomic analysis, clinical examinations and a friendly adenoviruses

Glioblastoma multiforme is one of the most common types of brain tumors. On average, patients with this disease live about 15 months after diagnosis. Scientists from Yale University (Yale University) managed to extend the life of 55-year-old cancer patients for more than 5 years, thanks to the timely analysis of the genome of the tumor. The cancer has returned to the woman twice, but each time you relapse, the researchers studied the new mutation in the genome of tumors and correspondingly change the treatment regimen. The woman ultimately died from the disease, but the period of its life compared with other patients increased more than 4 times.

On planned medical examination this year will be invited via SMS. Regular medical checkups are extremely important for disease prevention, and clinical examination as the main one will help to identify disease at a very early stage. According to statistics, only one-third come to clinical examination of people well – the rest find, for example, chronic disease. Just this year, a medical examination must pass 23 million people, and HIF together with insurance organisations is planning to send more than 70 million SMS reminders to annual checkups. It should be noted that the examination is free and the clinic will try to make it so that people could get all the doctors in one day.

Workers in the nuclear industry and Olympic athletes will be able to have children, whose health will not affect the professional activities of their parents. To do this, Russia plans to create a special Bank of biomaterials, where people will be able to transfer the egg or sperm before sports career or work in a particularly dangerous environment, where the possibility of radiation leak. The biomaterial will be frozen and transported to Moscow. Later – if necessary – the woman or man will be able to come for it. The initiative of creation of such a Bank is owned by the FMBA of Russia.

In Spain, scientists have created oncolytic adenoviruses capable of fighting cancer cells. Conventional adenoviruses cause a variety of diseases – for example, gastroenteritis or conjunctivitis. But if those viruses to modify – they effectively kill the cells of malignant neoplasms. Experts have changed the virus so that it is, infecting a cancer cell, isolated antibodies that acted as “spotters” for T-lymphocytes. These antibodies were interlocked T-lymphocytes with a protein on the surface of tumor cells, helping the body’s immune system to destroy cancerous cells.

In the US, increasing demand for the services of plastic surgeons, triggered by social networks, and customers are often people under the age of 30 years. In trying to be like ageless celebrities men and women do Botox injections, facelift and other surgeries to look like a selfie to Instagram younger and more beautiful. In 2016, people all over the world spent on “beauty” of 8.9 billion dollars. In 2017, the expected expenses will be around 9.8 billion.


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