Embassy of Russia criticized the “bi-Bi-si” for a film about football fans

Russian fans

Photo: Vitaly Belousov / TASS

The Russian Embassy in London criticized the TV channel “bi-Bi-si 2” for shows on Thursday evening the film about football hooligans from Russia

As reported the press service of the diplomatic mission in the British capital, the film “Army of hooligans Russia” has made “shocking”. According to Embassy staff, the authors were skompanovany story and put maximum efforts and means to discredit Russia and the upcoming 2018 world Cup.

“It seems that the main purpose of the film — sow in British society fear for the safety of the fans who planned to go to Russia, to discourage the trip,” reads the statement of the Embassy.

The Embassy also pointed out that the movie was filmed the Russian fans-the marginalized. “Marginal elements, prone to violence, exist in every society,” — said at the Embassy.

In the annotation to the film, which was published by “bi-Bi-si”, the audience is invited to recall the events of the European championship in France, when as a result of clashes in Marseille “suffered 100 English fans, and two caused beatings got to the hospital.” The authors also reported that he was able to interview representatives of the hooligan group “Orel Butchers” who participated in that fight.

The film also shows that bullies are constantly training in gyms, promising the British “festival of violence” in the world Cup in Russia, reports The Sun. “Our opponents — the British, the founders of football hooliganism. We are waiting for them,” said one of the fans interviewed for the film.

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