Former Deputy Director of operations refused to be adviser to trump

Donald trump and Michael Flynn


Vice-Admiral, retired Robert Harvard, who served in the special forces of the Navy, refused the proposal of the President of the United States to take the post of adviser on national security instead of Michael Flynn

As reports Financial Times, citing people familiar with the situation of the interviewees reported that the former Deputy commander of special operations, the United States Vice Admiral Robert Harvard refused the offer Donald trump to become the national security adviser is a retired Michael Flynn. According to sources, the US President does not leave attempts to persuade Harvard, but he still insists on your.

The source FT reported that Harvard, which trump called “the outstanding candidate for the post of Advisor”, torn between a sense of duty and believed that he can’t handle.

According to the newspaper, Harvard, who served in the naval forces of the United States, familiar with the Minister of defence James Mattis, with whom he developed a special operation in the middle East and North Africa. However, Vice-Admiral, which currently occupies a high position in Lockheed Martin, doubts that he can lead his people to the White house. This is explained by the fact that after Flynn’s resignation from his post in the national security Council retained the Deputy Kathleen Mcfarland.

FT indicates that Harvard is well known in military circles and is there respect. In this case it is more a compromise figure than Flynn, who was involved in a scandal with a telephone talks on sanctions with the Russian Ambassador in Washington Sergei Kislyak.

Among the other contenders for the Flynn’s publication named David Petraeus, who was considered in December by the applicant for the post of defense Minister and retired General Keith Kellogg, who still headed the Flynn apparatus.

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