From Bayern to Barcelona: all the victims Kurban Berdiyev

Kurban Berdyev in Rostov continues to write the story. Yesterday in the match of 1/16 finals of the Europa League Prague “Sparta” was a bit on the don with a humiliating 4:0. Aephi large recalls the victories of the team of Barcelona in the European Cup.

“Rostov” — “Sparta” — 4:0

Season: 2016/2017

Football coach Kurban Berdyev. Dossier

Tournament: Europa League

Stage: 1/16-finals

Someone will say that the victory, albeit devastating on the opponent level “Sparta” — so-so achievement. Supposedly this team from a provincial championship of the Czech Republic and a serious contender can’t be considered. But the facts are there: “Sparta” is a very strong club, even by European standards. And all the hardships of dealing with it recently experienced Russian team. A year and a half ago in the Champions League qualification CSKA was worth Herculean efforts to pass the Prague club. In each of the matches, the army team missed two years and came on only due to the inspired play of Ahmed Musa. Last spring at the same stage of the Europa League “Krasnodar” had a life “Sparta” on your after with the score 0:3 and the people of Prague eventually marched to the quarter-finals of the tournament.

The player of FC “Rostov” Dmitri Poloz (right) and player of FC “Sparta” Costa Nhamoinesu in the Europa League match between the teams of FC “Rostov” FC “Sparta”. Photo: RIA Novosti/ Anton Denisov

Thursday Berdyev again proved himself a skilled tactician: he sealed up the passage to their goal for speedy wingers Sparta and in attack without an end put pressure on the weak point in the opponent’s defense: upper fight. Amazing play for the team not performing any official matches for three and a half months, ravished protection “Sparta” and guaranteed entry to the next stage of the Europa League — UEFA wonders of Barcelona continues!

“Rostov” — “Bavaria” — 3:2

Season: 2016/2017

Victory on the teeth. What you write about the match “Rostov” with “Bavaria” in social networks

Tournament: Champions League

Stage: Group stage

Perhaps the second biggest win in the career of Barcelona. In his first season in the Champions League, “Rostov” ended up in the group of death for Bayern, last season’s finalist Atletico Madrid and PSV terrible. That victory over the German powerhouse has allowed Rostov to take third place and pave the way in the European spring. Moreover, Bayern came to town on the don, almost in optimum structure, having a serious motivation to take the first place in the group.

Twice during the match it seemed that for “Rostov” it’s all over. At the end of the first half when Costa opened the scoring and in the middle of the second, when Bernat restored parity (2:2). And yet the exact impact Noboa brought “Rostov” a historic victory.

“Rostov” — “The Ajax” — 4:1

Season: 2016/2017

From daring to PSG sudden “Rubin”. 5 the main sensations of the Champions League

Tournament: Champions League

Stage: Qualification, round of the playoffs

And again the 2016/2017 season, which in Europe has turned into “Rostov” one big holiday. A sensational second place in the Russian Premier League and the right team to play Barcelona in the Champions League was seen by many skeptical. It’s one thing to bring rustling in the domestic arena and the other in the strongest club tournament of Europe. Of course, “Rostov” very lucky with the draw: rivals on the final round of qualifying, they could get caught Manchester city, Monaco or Roma. But fell the best option is Ajax, which every year loses luster and greatness.

But in any case, the defeat, which was made by the “Rostov” Dutch grandee at home, became a sensation. After a nervous meeting in Amsterdam ended in a draw, the team dominated Berdyev in Rostov-on-don, and could have won much bigger.

“Rubin” — “Chelsea” — 3:2

Season: 2012/2013

Tournament: Europa League

Stage: 1/4 final

The highest point Rubin in UEFA club competition came in the 2012/2013 season. The Kazan club had lost its status as the flagship of Russian football, but was still competitive in the European arena. In the first round of the playoffs of League of Europe “Rubin” beat “Atletico”, which just one year will play in the Champions League final. Then walked on the team the sensation of the championship of Spain Levante in the quarterfinals and was expecting a meeting with Chelsea.

“Aristocrats” were “ruby” and later became the owners of the Europa League. But the team of Kurban Berdyev after the defeat in London 1:3 still managed to achieve a home victory with the score 3:2.

“Rubin” — “Inter” — 3:0

Season: 2012/2013

Tournament: Europa League

Stage: Group stage

Yes, for the season 2012/2013 inter was not the fact that in the spring of 2010 won the Champions League with Jose Mourinho. However, he was not so foolish, which loses the “Hapoel” from be’er Sheva and occupies the last place in the group “Sparta”, “Southampton”, and the Israeli club.

In that season “the ruby” and “inter” were fighting for the lead in the Europa League group and face-to-face meeting in Kazan in the fifth round was seriously clarify the situation. In the opening stages of the match the goal was scored by Karadeniz, and finally finished off inter the take Rondon at the end of the game. Rubin eventually left the group and finished its glorious campaign battle with Chelsea in the quarterfinals.

Rubin – inter Milan (3-0) 22.11.2012 from rutube_account_21574 on Rutube.

“Barcelona” — “Rubin” — 1:2

The coaches of the national team of Russia on football. Infographics

Season: 2009/2010

Tournament: Champions League

Stage: Group stage

The last in ranking, but the most significant success of Barcelona on the European stage. The debut season of “ruby” in the Champions League remember the heroic draws against Barcelona, inter and Dynamo Kyiv. But more memorable, of course victory at the camp Nou. “Barcelona” was the valid winner of the Champions League, are unbeaten at home huge number of games and in all respects looked like the clear favorite.

But the classic style of Barcelona: iron discipline, impenetrable defense and smashing counter-attack did the trick. Kurban Bekievich that autumn day was the Creator of one of the main sensations for the entire quarter-history of Russian football.

Football – Barcelona-Rubin – 1:2 UEFA Champions League 2009 from Mikhail_SH on Rutube.

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