FT called the Kremlin’s version of trump’s departure from “fresh start” with Moscow

Donald Trump

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Contacts with Moscow were President of the United States Donald trump is too “toxic” because of the anti-Russian campaign in Western media, that is why he put “new start” in relations with Russia, writes the Financial Times

Relations with Russia become too “toxic” for the US President Donald trump, and it prevents to start a new stage of relations with Moscow, said a source in the Kremlin, the newspaper Financial Times.

“It seems that the extensive anti-Russian campaign in Western media have made contact with us so toxic that trump, a leader who was determined to take a “fresh start” in relations with Russia, has now decided to opt out”, — the newspaper writes, citing an unnamed representative of the Kremlin.

A similar thought was expressed by President Donald trump. At a press briefing at the White house, he said that false news in the media significantly interfere with the normalization of relations with Russia. “I just want to tell you that false reporting in the media made by you, guys, — said trump, speaking to reporters, lying, terrible, unreliable news very difficult negotiations with Russia.”

This anti-Russian media campaign called trump trick and a trick that is designed to hide the failures of the previous administration and prevent him from achieving a “deal with Russia”. “By the way, it would be great if we agreed with Russia, just so you understand it. But tomorrow you will say that Donald trump wants to get along with Russia — and it’s awful. It’s not awful, it is well,” the President said to reporters.

He accused the press that she glossed over the mistakes of the Obama administration. According to him, Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of state, gave Russia 20% of US uranium. “You know what uranium, right? <…> It is possible to do a lot, including the bad. But nobody talks about it. I haven’t done anything for Russia. Nothing,” said trump, Recalling a “stupid plastic” Reset button that Clinton gave foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Thursday, February 16, Bloomberg reported that the Kremlin ordered the state media to stop praising broadcast of the President of the United States. According to the Agency, this reflects growing fears the high-ranking Russian officials that the new administration is not as friendly as people originally thought.

The representative of the company refused to comment on the RBC this information. The representative of the “First channel” was unavailable for comment.

A series of scandals in which the media accused the team of trump in relations with Russia, broke out even before the entry into office of the President. Russia was accused of hacking and interfering in the electoral process in favor of one candidate.

After the inauguration, a victim of one of the scandals was the Advisor to the President for national security Michael Flynn, who resigned, not having been at his post a month. Flynn acknowledged that the misinformed Vice-President on the talks with the Russian Ambassador. Citing leaks from the security services, the media reported that Flynn allegedly made it clear to Sergei Kislyak that the tramp can change the sanctions regime imposed against Russia.

15 February in the lower house of Congress a bill was introduced which would allow to veto the possible removal of President Donald trump sanctions against Russia. The speaker of the house of representatives of Congress Paul Ryan said he will support a bill to veto. “I will support the consolidation of the sanctions regime, if there was a possibility that they can be removed,” said Ryan. Earlier, a similar bill was introduced in the Senate. The project provides for a mandatory provision to Congress of a detailed justification of the decision on the easing of sanctions. In turn, lawmakers will be able to 120 days to agree or disagree with the decision of the President.

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