“General of the United States” has deceived the Internet resident $13 thousand

A resident of Astrakhan gave the scammer from the Internet, posing as American General, almost 13 thousand dollars.

Threat relationships in the network. The expert of what not to do in Internet

As RIA Novosti reported, citing regional Ministry of internal Affairs, the resident met on a Dating site man who allegedly was a us General. The victim reported that they were chatting with new friends in English. According to the man, he was divorced and at the moment was in business trip in the hot spot.

“American General” told the resident about their good income and sent pictures of boats, houses and other values that have fallen to him by inheritance.

After a while the man asked him to assist him, explaining that in connection with the change of government in the United States, he had some problems with supplies and money. The woman, unaware of the deception, first transferred to the swindler all his available funds and then took credit.

All the injured transferred to the swindler about thirteen thousand dollars, specify in the Ministry of internal Affairs.

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