Intoxicated profit. 4 misconceptions about alcoholism

Those who suffer from alcoholism, generally characterized by denial from the painful addiction to alcohol even when drinking has already taken a malignant form, and led to family and job conflicts.

To save do not leave. Drinker – a problem the whole family

Many alcoholics also mistakenly believe that…

1. You can drink moderately.

More recently, experts believed that the level of safe consumption is in the range of 20-40 g per day conditional pure 100% ethanol (50-100 grams of vodka) and 10-20 g for women (25-50 grams of vodka). Today, however, these standards revised: it has become evident that if a person at least once a week alcohol required doping, even this use of alcohol leads to poisoning of the body.

Actually. Doctors believe that the disease begins when a person loses control over the amount of alcohol consumed, which indicates the first stage of chronic alcoholism. Then there is a need to freshen the nip is a signal that the disease has moved to the second stage. Chronic alcoholism is getting in the next 3-5 years systematic drunkenness. It can occur not only in young and middle aged but also in elderly people. The only possibility to get rid of the disease – treatment and complete cessation of alcohol consumption.

By the way

In our country the so-called common and the option of alcohol: to drink a lot all at once, to achieve intoxication. This tradition is particularly conducive to the development of alcoholism in predisposed people to him.

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2. To get out of the binge can home remedies.

Hangover recipes hard-core drinkers are practicing different ways: milk with honey, kvass, lemon juice, strong coffee, tea, aspirin, sedatives, and hypnotics.

Actually. To avoid severe consequences and repeated binge, you need to detox – cleansing the body of poisons, resulting from prolonged alcohol consumption, which is sometimes difficult to carry out at home. To eliminate binge often can not do without admission to the hospital, where with the help of the dropper to the patient intravenously poligonnye solutions with the addition of various drugs.

The degree of the problem. When drinking becomes alcoholism

3. Treatment to addiction is shameful – it’s like being branded as an officially recognized alcoholic.

Actually. No matter, refers people to specialists or heal on their own, but if he is living from binge to binge, an alcoholic, he had actually become. Even if from hard drinking, he is able to go on your own, then better to consult a psychiatrist. It is the doctor will be able to competently carry out active anti-alcohol treatment, aimed at suppressing craving for alcohol and the formation of aversion to it.

By the way, in recent years it has been illegal to treat alcohol abuse by force or without the knowledge of the patient. It must be exercised only with the consent of patients.

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4. Once and for all to quit alcohol, is sufficient to zakodirovatsia.

Actually. Addiction to alcohol is a complex physiological and psychological issue tied to lifestyle, self-perception, the environment of the patient. That’s why abroad is a popular long psychotherapy program designed for 3-5 months or more. The treatment is carried out both in the hospital and on an outpatient basis: 2-3 times per week the patient attends a two-, three-hour sessions.

In Russia, attempts were made to implement similar programs, but they showed interest a few. We have more than taken short courses hypnotherapy stress and conditioned-reflex therapy, when the craving for alcohol can be suppressed with the impact on biologically active points by laser, cautery or needles.

Also popular encoding when the subconscious mind of the patient is administered a code designed to give the patient the feeling of danger of alcohol intake. This treatment is done in one day, it can be carried in group of 20-30 people and last 2.5–3 hours. However, the return to alcohol during the year y 45-80% of patients who have gone through coding, significantly more than when using other methods.

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