“Master of provocation”: what is the background of the new case against interior Ministry employees

The struggle between the anti-corruption Ministry of internal Affairs and service of economic safety of FSB have entered a crucial stage, said the source RBC. If the Agency prevails in the interior will come associated with people

The arrests in the Main Directorate of economic security and counteraction of corruption (Guebipk) of the MIA, the past this week — a consequence of the conflict once influential Central Board and the FSB, told RBC three sources in law enforcement agencies familiar with the investigation of criminal cases against the police.

The secret service is trying to establish control over the management, struggling with the “black Absalom,” according to interlocutors RBC: as a result, the Ministry must leave the representatives of the “old team” and in their place must be assigned related to the FSB officers.

The investigators accused that they falsified evidence and provoked were the development of officials and businessmen on bribery. As claimed by the defendants in the cases, who were employees Guebipk have a cupola for many years there existed a developed system of fabrication of evidence and extensive network of agents provocateurs.

Quebec vs billionaire

Control officer of the “T” anti-corruption Central Board of the Ministry of internal Affairs Sergey Astafurov, was detained on 14 February the Department officers of “M” of the economic security service FSB, which secretly oversees the Ministry. The next day, the Basmanny court put him under arrest. Astafurova accused of abuse of office (part 3 of article 286 of the criminal code). According to investigators, in 2014, when Astafurov still worked in the office of “M” Guebipk (deals with crimes in the sphere of metallurgy), in the field of his activities were the owner of the Chelyabinsk pipe rolling plant (CHTPZ) Andrei Komarov and his lawyer Alexander Shibanov.

The Astafurov, according to the TFR, the falsified part of the materials for the rapid development and “created the conditions” for commercial bribery. His accomplice is the Director of the Federal state unitary enterprise “Promresurs” Vladimir Spiridonov, after the statement which Guebipk and started developing Komarov and Shibanov.

The reason for going Spiridonova became part of CHTPZ in the program of mobilization training. The gist of it is that the business is funding the repair of military infrastructure, and the state reimburses him for up to 20% of the money spent. Owner CHTPZ Mosquitoes reported on the reconstruction of one of the objects is 9.3 billion rubles, and he returned to the Treasury 1.8 billion.

The legislation requires an audit of such transactions. In this case, they involved the Federal state unitary enterprise “Promresurs”. His staff came to the conclusion that the documentation on the repair of Mosquitoes falsified, that is, compensation received illegally. Version Guebipk, the Mosquitoes tried to convince “Promresurs” to conceal information about the scheme, suggesting it to management $300 thousand By the time the statement Spiridonova have been put in motion, and the transfer of money passed under control of field investigators.

However, after almost two years the matter Komarov and Shibanov was discontinued. The interlocutors of RBC familiar with the investigation, noted that it could stop because of signs of provocation in the actions of operatives and Spiridonova.


Now Spiridonov gave testimony at Astafurova. According to the interrogation Protocol Spiridonova, which referred to the court, the Prosecutor, he stated that the actions of the employee of Quebec “were inflammatory in nature.”

Along with Astafurova business owner CHTPZ engaged his colleagues, Oleg Sablin and Alexander Blankov, told RBC two people familiar with the investigation. Lawyer Rustam Kurmaev Komarov confirmed to RBC that the names Sablina and letterhead, as well as employee Guebipk Boris Grebenyuk mentioned in the case against his client.

Forms, the lawyer noted, that was responsible for the creation of the ex-head of ROSBANK Vladimir Golubkov, who in 2013 was accused of extorting bribes. However, in January of last year his case was also terminated almost simultaneously with the case of Komarov and Shibanov. According to the lawyer Kurmaeva, Sablin was dismissed a year ago.

“The case is brought against unidentified persons. Astafurova and it is possible that depending on the testimony of the accused can be new players,” says Kurmaev.


Case Astafurova is not the first against employees Guebipk, which is immediately accompanied by the FSB. The greatest resonance was received by business of the chief of a Central Board of General Denis Sugrobov and his Deputy Boris Kolesnikov. Related searches and detentions began in February 2014. According to TFR, subordinates Sugrobov and Kolesnikov were fabricated about twenty cases of officials and businessmen.

The arrest of the generals was the result of their confrontation with the leadership of management of own safety of the FSB, wrote earlier RBC. After the case Sugrobov, the number of Quebec decreased three times — up to 400 people, told RBC senior source in the interior Ministry.

Arrested this week Astafurov previously worked in management “T” Guebipk (now disbanded), which was led by Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko. He is charged with getting 7 million rubles. for “total protection” from the former head and co-owner of the company “Rusinzhiniring” Anatoly Prigornitskaya. The other part of the charges connected with the investigation of embezzlement of funds of Nota-Bank. During the search Zakharchenko was discovered currency by about 8 billion in ruble equivalent.

Finally, one more field investigators Guebipk, Alexander Sobol, Sergei Abramov, accused of abuse of power.

“Master of provocation”

The work of Quebec was based on a forgery and incitement since at least 2009, and this system was not created Sugrobov, says the lawyer Mikhail Trepashkin. “This master of provocation, which was fabricated, I think, more than a dozen cases,” — says the lawyer representing interests of victims on the case of the Sable and Abramov. According to him, Glaucus was a whole network of agents who pushed officials and businessmen to corruption offences.

“Quebec began to develop a members of the FSB. After that they begin to have problems”, — told RBC lawyer Anna Stavitskaya, representing the interests Sugrobov and Kolesnikov. According to her, the prosecution of police officers — a consequence of the struggle between the two agencies for influence: “From my point of view, this case is not about crimes but about the collision of two large structures. And, as usual, the FSB won. This is the most important we have law enforcement structure.”

Quebec should be disbanded, says the head of capital police trade Union Michael Pashkin, however, “any power not given to spin the situation.” “The investigation was given the go-ahead to a higher level not to rise. It’s all solved at the top, says Pashkin. — the idea is that such crimes should be engaged in the tax inspection, that would have sent materials to the Investigation Committee. And GUEB in its current form — corruption structure”.

The opposition of the interior Ministry and the FSB is entering its final stage, said two of the interlocutor of RBC in the power structures. According to another source in law enforcement bodies, the intelligence Agency seeks to put in the Chapter related people.

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