Provocative Play. Who will now dress our Olympians?

The Olympic Committee has not renewed the contract with group Bosco di Ciliegi, which for 15 years engaged in the development and delivery of the form of the athletes, defending the honor of the country at the Olympic games.

The company Mikhail Kusnirovich, 50-year-old chemical engineer, changed firm 28-year-old Anastasia Zadorina, who graduated from MGIMO. Company ZA Sport (Patriotic name hides the first letter of the surname and name of the owner) the next eight years will be the official outfitter of the Russian Olympic team.

Tellingly, neither the Kusnirovich, no Zadorin designers are not. Moreover, while the image of Olympians engaged in Bosco di Ciliegi, the Russian designers did not participate in the development of equipment. Apparently, in our country it is not a question of prestige: order form for superpersonal best domestic designers. Abroad we can not decree. Let the British choose their Stella McCartney, Italian — Giorgio Armani, the Americans Ralph Lauren, the Germans, Bogner, French is the brainchild of your tennis brand Lacoste, and the Swedish H&M.

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What is known about Anastasia Zadorina?

In walks on the Network information that the native of Berlin Anastasia Zadorin studied in courses of Alexander Vasiliev. He, however, fashion historian called himself. But in fact Vasiliev staged the graduate faculty of School-Studio of MKHAT. Of course, he understands costumes. People with good taste, a brilliant lecturer, but… still not a designer. And courses has never been higher or even secondary education.

Anastasia Zadorin in his runway show. Photo:

OOO ZA Sport was December 1, 2016, although the brand has existed for 4 years. The clientele, which is published on the website of the company speaks for itself: Norilsk Nickel, Vnukovo airport, Transneft, Rosatom…

The main wealth of a young woman called her father Michael, Shekinah. According to information from open sources, he — the General-the Colonel, the head of service of maintenance of activity of FSB, the President of volleyball club “Dynamo”. The Anastasia, among other things, the Deputy Director of the Institute of security problems of the CIS. According to some media reports, also — principal owner of hunting “Moose”, co-owner of a Moscow restaurant; she serves on the Board of Directors of Central research Institute “Cyclone”, is the Deputy Director of “Roselektronika” (part of “Rostec”). Acted in music videos of Stas Mikhailov and sometimes even sings with him. And that’s not all achieve the 28-year-old daughter of the General.

In fairness it should be noted that a couple of years ago Zadorin staged a Patriotic public relations campaign, releasing t-shirts with the meme: “Topol is not afraid of sanctions”, “do Not tell my Iskanders”, “In a coffin I’ve seen your sanctions”, “the Passenger from Russia. When sanctions are not up.” But most Russians its success in the field of design is unknown.

The President of Fund “Assistance” Ksenia Melnikova, t-shirt designer Anastasia Zadorin and actress Olga Kabo (left to right) demonstrate the t-shirts with Patriotic symbols. Photo: RIA Novosti/ Vladimir Astapkovich

“All the models I render itself, and then we discuss with the designer details — writes about himself on the page on the social network newfound technical sponsor of the Olympic team. — I am a perfectionist and carefully monitored to ensure that everything was done perfectly. Each dress is the result of hard work. For example, to create one of them needed 5 000 000 Swarovski crystals, and three months of work.”

If sports wear at once for the Olympians. If evening dresses — only for the elite. And the only store where you can at least look at the clothes category which was developed by Zadorinki, store Kusnirovich “Spring”. That’s the irony.

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