TEST: do you Amorous nature?

1. You are easy to meet?

a) I am willing(a) to go on communication, but only if man will be able to make a strong impression on me – 2.
b) Usually prefer not to chat with strangers – 3.
C) May not waive an intriguing and original suggestions for the evening – 1.

2. In your opinion, love at first sight is:

a) fever, caused by the riot of hormones 2;
b) a gift from heaven – 1;
C) almost a Ghost – all talk about it but few have seen it – 3.

Love at first sight: where does this feeling?

3. Which of the three statements is closer to you:

a) “Last love – the long-awaited” – 2;
b) “really we love only the first time” – 3;
C) “Every new love is fascinating and lovely” – 1.

4. Which of the following lines of poetry more in tune with your soul:

a) “In the blood burning fire of desire” – 1;
b) “When spring will come,” – 2;
C) “Love the ring, and the ring no beginning and no end” – 3.

5. What dreams do you see more often?

a) Romantic – 1.
b) Prosaic – 3.
C) Erotic – .2

6. Could you fall in love with someone because of the timbre of his voice?

a) Admit it – 3.
b) No, hardly – 2.
in) This has happened to me – 1.

How to survive a holiday romance? The advice of a psychologist

7. How do you feel about holiday romances?

a) they do not attract – 3.
b) Well, these adventures give a unique emotion – 1.
C) it is normal if one is completely free – 2.

8. It is important for you to have in your life present romance?

a) Very! – 1
b) Sometimes it is necessary – 3.
in) And without it can live – 2.

9. Are you ready for the craziest thing to win of the person you like?

a) Possible – 3.
b) Probably not – 2.
C) I Think Yes 1.

10. Remember, at what period of life you experienced the first bright feeling of love?

a) adolescent – 1.
b) In youth – 2.
C) In the Mature age – 3.

QUIZ: are you jealous?

Calculate the scores and review the findings.

10-16 points. Probably for the sense – element to the pressure which you sometimes defenseless. Wisdom says: “Love enters into man, like a conqueror, and reworks in his own way, all taken of the earth.” And yet, perhaps you should be a little more selective in relationships, because not every counter is “Prince charming”.

17-23 points. You cannot be called reckless amorous man. Most likely, sometimes you can be too rational or cautious. “In the enthusiasm of love people feel the happiness of existence and, pressing lips to lips, exchanging souls”. Throw away unnecessary thoughts. Remember, the mind can tell you what to avoid and what to do, I can only say heart!

24-30 points. Consistency, of course, wonderful, but it is, as a rule, there are three genera: either we believe that the constancy of debt of honor, or we find the man, which near new, or we permanent in his loneliness. If in your case it is the latter – congratulations, if not – give your heart a chance!

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