The court arrested the accused of extorting bribes from the owner of CHTPZ

Vladimir Spiridonov

Photo: Vladimir Astapkovich

The court sent under arrest of the civil servant Vladimir Spiridonov — accused of extorting bribes from the billionaire owner of CHTPZ Andrei Komarov. In the same case, is an operative of the Ministry of internal Affairs Sergey Astafurov

Basmanny court of Moscow on Friday, February 17, was arrested for two months Director of the Federal state unitary enterprise “Promresurs” Vladimir Spiridonov, the correspondent of RBC from the courtroom.

A public servant is the employee of the Main Directorate for economic security and combating corruption of the interior Ministry Sergey Astafurov. Police, according to investigators, falsified the material which later formed the basis of the criminal case of the owner of the Chelyabinsk pipe rolling plant (CHTPZ) Andrei Komarov and his lawyer Alexander Shibanov. Using Spiridonova operative provoked them to bribery, according to investigators.

The Federal state unitary enterprise “Promresurs” conducted audit of the transaction for which the CTRP in 2011 received from the state 1.8 billion rubles as compensation of part of expenses on repair of military facilities. The staff of “Promresurs” came to the conclusion that CHTPZ falsified documents about the repair and the reimbursement he was not entitled.

According to investigators, Komarov and his lawyer tried to bribe the leadership of “Promresurs”, offering him $300 million for withholding information about violations. Transfer of money passed under control of field investigators Guebipk, who arrested the businessman and lawyer. In the beginning of 2016, the matter Komarov and Shibanov was closed — as I thought the source of RBC, due to signs of provocation in the actions of operatives and the head of “Promresurs”.

In the course of the trial the judge read out the testimony of the lawyer Shibanov. He said that in February 2014 Spiridonov came in contact with him and made it clear that he was aware of the fraud, but officials, he said, could still make a positive decision on the examination of the transaction. The evidence shows that Spiridonov in the course of the meeting asked for a serviette and wrote on it the amount of $300 thousand a recorded conversation with Shibanova and its transcript Spiridonov gave the operative Astafurova.

Spiridonov during a search found a pistol “Walter”, and also ammunition — ammunition for the pistol and a Kalashnikov, said at the court session the representative of the investigation. In addition, the official has property abroad and passports Ukraine, Estonia and the Czech Republic.

Spiridonov said this, he had a second form of admission to the state secret and was banned. Housing in Ukraine he got from parents born in Zaporozhye, and it was already sold. As was found during the search, the gun was made in 1939 and is no longer fighting.

The employee of management “T” Guebipk Astafurov was arrested by the FSB on 14 February 2017, and the next day arrested Basmanny court.

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