Winter warm-up. A set of exercises for any time of day

Shoulder roll

Relaxes the muscles of the neck area.

Stand or sit straight, arms hanging freely along the body. Raise shoulders to the ears and describe them circles back and forth, breathing deeply.

► Perform each exercise for 3 minutes. If you’re long at the computer, run 1-2 minutes each hour.

Leg lifts

Strengthens the muscles of the thighs and buttocks, improves mobility of the hip joints.

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Rise directly, feet on width of shoulders, right hand lean on a chair or the wall. The left leg bend at the knee, lift the forward. Then pull the left knee, straighten your leg, pull back and put a stop to its original position. Next round do in reverse order. Breathe deeply and evenly, without delay.

Make 20 circles and change directions.

The deflection of the spine

Relieves tension from the back after prolonged sitting and strengthens the muscles.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bend, hands on lean hips, a chair or a table. On the inhale the rotten loins forward, expand and pinch the shoulders blades, you can gently tilt the head back. On the exhale, on the contrary, round the back, head down and pull your stomach.

► Repeat the exercise 10-15 times.

Breeding hands

Flexing muscles, neck area and back.

Stand straight with feet shoulder width apart. Hands fold in front of chest, elbows out to the sides, palms rested vertically on each other. On the exhale, with force squeeze of a palm. On the inhale, dilute with bent arms, bringing your elbows back and bringing together of the scapula. Brush when you do this, relax, slightly bending the fingers, but the arms do not lower, keep the elbows and wrists roughly chest level.

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► Repeat the exercise 10-20 times.

Twisting of the body

Strengthens the muscles of the stomach, makes the stomach flatter.

Lying on your back, bend your knees and put on the floor. On the exhale, reach hands to the knees, lowering chin to chest and lifting your neck and shoulders off the floor. Back when it is rounded.

► Make 10-15 times, rest.

Twisting of the pelvis

Exercise, similar to the previous one, with emphasis on the lower part of the abdomen.

Lying as for the previous exercise, place your hands on the floor along the torso. On the exhale, raise your bent legs to your chest and slightly lift your pelvis off the floor. Don’t do it with a roll or pull, just pull over the foot. Gently return the leg to its original position.

► Do this 5-10 times.

Olga Ushakova:

– I categorically do not accept the diet, therefore, rely on the active lifestyle and sports. This is not to say that I eat everything. With the birth of children accustomed themselves to the selection of quality products and healthy recipes. Run a lot, do yoga and love massage.

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