Without guilt

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Actually all it is: o the carnal pleasures, peaceful sleep and spontaneous adventures really have to forget for a long time. But it is not important. In General, moms and dads quickly adapt to the needs of their baby. But there is a feeling that new parents don’t realize it for many years becomes the main sense of their lives. Wine. To be a good parent is constantly feeling guilty.

A parent’s love. For that we are grateful to our children

Babies are the most adorable beings on earth, to squeeze them – a pleasure. But when this pleasure is stretched for months, you start to take the nerves of even the most patient. Here you are – a grown man – hours playing “peek a Boo” and “geese and geese, ha-ha-ha,” wipe turns the ass, nose and smeared even on the ceiling of the mess… “Damn, need to find a babysitter, it’s just impossible!” – think you. And needless to say what rubbish you feel after each explosion? Finally, the nanny is the mother echidna, bulging happy eyes, popping up to work. A week later she understands that working moms have developed a special guilt – three times more than usual. “While I’m earning stupid money, my child without me making the first step, says the first word, the first time she sees snow, or scrape a knee. And all this with a nanny with a stranger!”

What to do? I don’t know. I think nobody knows. Unless superblock from social networks. Those that post blogs, photos beautiful elegant kids raised by all methods at once, in a new way decorate for every holiday the whole house with his own hands do touch the box, bake cookies and weigh 45 kg and had just defended his doctoral dissertation.

However, I have a strong suspicion that superblock lying. In the virtual world it is easy to wishful thinking. Although I envy, of course. And from guilt. And what really really want to be a good mom. But I can’t. Even virtual.

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