At Pulkovo found the parcel with a grenade during the great Patriotic war

In Pulkovo airport in one of the parcels found with two grenades during the great Patriotic war, informs a press-service GU of Regardie in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region.

Ammunition of times of the great Patriotic war find?

Suspicious items were found by the staff of the post office of the airport. Early in the morning on February 18 riot police bomb experts examined the parcel intended to be shipped abroad. In it were two deactivated hand grenades of M-24 and M-39, made in Germany.

Corps munitions were affected by corrosion. According to Regardie, original items, most likely, was going to sell. Explosives for grenades is not found. After examination they were handed over to employees of traffic police.

The evacuation of passengers of the airport in connection with the discovery was not required.

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