Drunk man opened fire with a hunting rifle in Moscow

“Come quiet”. Who is behind the shooting of inhabitants of the Smolensk village

The drunk man opened fire with a hunting rifle in the South-East of Moscow, during his detention the police accidentally injured, reports RIA Novosti with reference to the Metropolitan interior Ministry.

About shooting in the 1st Karanovska travel in the district Pechatniki police said the people, who heard the shots. It happened today, February 18, at about 20.40. At the scene police officers found the man with signs of intoxication, which was shot, presumably, from a fowling piece. From his actions no one was injured, but at his arrest one of the officers struggling with the intruder, inadvertently wounded himself in the leg with a gun, reported TASS a source in medical circles of Moscow. The injured operative was sent to a medical facility, his life is out of danger.

According to the Agency, the detainee fired from a hunting rifle at home. The man was taken to the police Department for the proceedings, weapons were seized from him.

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