In Saratov the funeral home came to call the ambulance

The press service of the Ministry of health of the Saratov region reported a new incident, when the call of a local woman, is the ambulance came the hearse, reports RIA Novosti.

It is reported that the inhabitant of Saratov on Friday, felt bad and called an ambulance, but the call came the car from the funeral home. The woman died, without waiting for the medics, and arrived later, the paramedics were only able to ascertain her death.

It is worth noting that this incident was the second in recent weeks. At the end of January of the current year the inhabitant of Saratov 112 through a service called doctors for his 92-year-old grandmother, but first to his house came the hearse to the local funeral home, and only 40 minutes car intensive care services.

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