In the Irkutsk region the man has rescued two children from a burning house

Cigarette or wiring? What led to the fire in the Krasnodar squatter

The inhabitant of the Irkutsk region rescued from a burning house two children – sisters five and six years. As reports a press-service of Department of EMERCOM in the region, the fire occurred in a wooden house in gardening, “Shoemaker-2”.

Peter Lukomsky saw smoke from the window of the house next door and immediately rushed there. The man knew that the mother of two young children was briefly absent from the house. He broke down the door, ran into already been filled with the smoke house and carried the children out.

In the MOE noted that the sisters from death separated by only a few minutes, but they escaped with slight carbon monoxide poisoning. Girls were hospitalized.

Caught up in the country on this day, the neighbors called firefighters, who prevented the spread of fire on the nearby buildings. According to preliminary data, the cause of the fire was an electric heater.

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