A Hollywood smile. Whether it is necessary to correct the teeth of adults?

Only 10% of people teeth perfect. All the rest need the assistance of an orthodontist. Who braces mandatory, and who is not worth the risk? And how much it would cost Hollywood smile. Says Tamara Godina, orthodontist, candidate of medical Sciences:

The most favorable period for correction of teeth is considered to be the age of 10 — at this time the tooth row being formed, correct it fast enough (average per year). Adults, dreaming of a Hollywood smile, have a lot of time (1.5 to 3 years), with patience (all that time will have to put up with the discomfort, which is inevitable when wearing dental fixtures and need to regularly visit the dentist) and money. Although the doctor could theoretically help in case of any defects.

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Who and when suitable veneers

The treatment begins with a consultation with the orthodontist, which is based on orthopantogram (panoramic image, which you can see all the nuances of status and bookmarks of your teeth) makes the conclusion about the method of correction which depends on the type of anomaly and the severity of the problem.

If appearance spoil 1-2 uneven standing of the tooth, dentists recommend to avoid the imposition of veneers (thin sheets, which allow you to disguise minor flaws). However you need to remember that veneers are not more than 10 years, and when they are installed much grind tooth enamel. So if there is a desire to return to a natural mind — will have to spend on its restoration. Also veneers are not suitable for people suffering from bruxism (involuntary tooth grinding) — veneers are fairly easy to break or damage. Price: veneers — about 10 thousand per tooth.

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What to prefer braces, mouth guards or trainers

If you need a full correction of teeth or the patient has difficult dentofacial anomalies, you will need a system of continuous wear braces, aligners or trainers.

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Often adult patients are recommended braces. The most comfortable — lingual ceramic brackets that are applied to the inner side of the tooth so they are invisible to outsiders. However, such braces are used only for minor defects. Most adult patients require the usual metallic — budget and uncomfortable as possible, which require a long addiction.

An alternative to braces — aligners (aligners). This removable transparent and hardly noticeable to an outsider system of high-tech plastic that mimics the shape of your teeth. Unfortunately, Kappa is twice as expensive as braces, and they are only in mild cases (when the teeth are not rotated around its axis). In addition, Capa will need to remove during meals and brushing teeth. As a rule, insufficiently motivated people refuse to wear mouthguards, waving to financial losses.

Price: braces around 30 – 60 thousand on both jaws, the Kappa — about 360 thousand to one jaw.

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