Beijing saw the creation of the us-Korean ABOUT “stabbing friends”

The missile defense system THAAD

Photo: Reuters

During the Munich security conference, the representatives of China, criticized the idea of deployment in South Korea American missiles to protect against threats from North Korea. Beijing compared it with a knife-hand strike to your friends

China understands the desire of South Korea to protect against missile threats from North Korea, but urges Seoul to respect the concerns of Beijing, which opposes the accommodation on the Peninsula of an advanced U.S. missile defense system THAAD.

This is stated in the statement of the Minister of foreign Affairs of China Wang Yi, according to Reuters. The statement was issued after the meeting, Wang And Minister of foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea Yun Bence on the sidelines of the Munich security conference.

China worried that a powerful radar system will be examined, and its territory, so Beijing has consistently opposed the deployment of American missiles in South Korea.

The statement said that “the security of one country should not be at the expense of damage to the security of the other country.” “China understands that South Korea has to defend its security, and at the same time, South Korea must consider a reasonable position,” — said Wang Yi

The Chairman of the foreign Affairs Committee in the national people’s Congress Fu Ying representatives in a panel discussion at the Munich conference stressed that China “may not understand Washington’s decision to deploy the system in South Korea”.

“It’s like stabbing your friends” she said and added that the system is in any case will not lead to improving the security of South Korea.

About the beginning of formal negotiations between Washington and Seoul regarding missile defense, the parties announced a few hours after 7 February 2016, Pyongyang announced the successful launch of the rocket which put into orbit the satellite Kwangmyongsong-4 (“Bright star-4”).

On 13 February, the United States transferred to South Korea three additional anti-aircraft missile complex Patriot, reported the Agency “Renhap”. According to the Agency, anti-aircraft missiles were deployed to the Korean Peninsula from Texas.
According to representatives of military command of the US forces in South Korea, the placement of SAM based on the aggregation you can intercept North Korean missiles, short-and medium-similarity.

Russia also opposed the deployment of us missile defense systems on the Korean Peninsula. The Russian Ambassador to Seoul Alexander Timonin in February 2017, said that the deployment of THAAD “clearly goes beyond the problem of deterrence “North Korean threat” — real or imagined” and could damage relations between Moscow and Seoul.

“We see this as a continuation of Washington’s efforts to create in northeast Asia near the Russian border a new regional segment of the global US missile defense,” — said the Ambassador.

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