Food against cancer. What products will protect from anabaena

A third of cancers – from food

Products can actually prevent the development of cancer, says Vladimir Bespalov, doctor-oncologist, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, head of scientific laboratory of cancer chemoprevention and oncopharmacology research Institute of Oncology. Petrova. – In the world are now actively studying this in my archive of thousands of articles of serious scientific journals and books on cancer prevention through nutrition. There are even ways to protect against specific types of tumors for those who have a high risk of their development. Nutrition is associated with 35% of all cancers, more than any other factors – Smoking, lifestyle, heredity, ecology, etc. and if all the people began to eat properly, the incidence of this terrible disease would be reduced by a third. But it is hardly possible.

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We have sausages

Here is an example, close to Russian, – explains Vladimir Grigorievich. Eating 50 grams of smoked sausage, one gets approximately the same amount of carcinogens as the Smoking a pack of cigarettes. It’s a product that better be banned. Not only meats, but all processed meat (any sausages, etc.) contributes to the development of cancer. And, by the way, in Europe there are countries where they are unpopular and there is almost no. Whole meat is less harmful. And in General, all whole unprocessed foods much more useful. In the nutrition recommendations of the world wide Fund for cancer research directly says: all food needs to better meet them, instead of processed food.

The most important is the role of plant foods that are high in antioxidants. These substances neutralize the aggressive free radicals that cause mutations in the cells – it begins with them the development of cancer. In addition, some antioxidants are more specific anti-cancer effect. For example, lycopene contained in tomatoes accumulates in the prostate and protects it from cancer. Or some substances found in cabbage, radish, garden radish contributing to the death of cancer cells. Any of these and other plant foods, contains many anti-cancer substances (see infographic), you need to include in meals are not just daily, but in each meal.

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A powerful protective action has resveratrol, present in sufficient quantities in red wine. Grape juice you won’t get it, he collapses. Today it is believed that 1-2 glass of dry wine during the day – it is even useful. But not anymore.So drink in France and there is less likely to get sick cardiovascular diseases and cancer, even eating lots of fatty foods. To achieve a good protective effect against cancer, you need to eat one head of garlic during the day. It is also important to consume daily at least 400 g of vegetables, fruits and berries. But it is much better to 1 kilogram. Vegetables can be not only raw but also cooked.

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