My pain, you leave me! Why aching back with the young

Turning to the experts, we have ranked the reasons that lead to recurrent back pain and early development of spondylosis and degenerative disc disease of the spine 30‑year-old and 20‑year-old.

Inadequate physical activity

Learning new, sometimes exotic, sports, physically unprepared young people make the displacement of the vertebrae, herniation narrowing spinal canal, compressing nerve structures, which ultimately can lead to serious, irreversible consequences including disability. At risk those who are overly fond of such load to the spine and joints sports like running, Boxing, martial arts, football, basketball, Latin dancing, tennis, skiing, horse riding.

Wrong: to Do sports regularly.

To choose the exercises, their intensity and range of motion without taking into account their physical abilities.

That’s right: to Adequately distribute the exercise, but to exercise regularly, if possible under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

If there are problems with the spine, start sports activities only after consultation with your doctor.

Do not exercise through the pain.

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Sedentary work

Long time staying in a fixed posture, office workers, Bank clerks, computer programmers, drivers and other representatives of sedentary occupations often earn low back pain, which interferes with blood flow in the vertebral artery and the dehydration and thinning of the intervertebral cartilage discs. The result is intense pain in the most vulnerable cervical or lumbar spine.

Wrong: Sit foot to foot, hunched over, without relying on the back of the chair.

To talk on the phone, pressing the head up to shoulder and at the same time something recording.

Correct: to Adjust the chair to your height.

To work with a straight back, leaning back in his chair. It is desirable that it naturally created a support under the neck and back. You can also use a special orthopedic pillow headrests.

To pause in the work, special exercises or self-massage.

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Carrying heavy loads

When lifting and carrying heavy loads may occur the displacement of the intervertebral discs, a pinched nerve, muscle spasm.


To lift weights the snatch (especially while turning the torso) with straight legs and bent back.

To carry the load in one hand.

Correct: to raise from the floor (earth) weight, squatting with a straight back.

Distribute weight evenly between two hands.

Four steps to a healthy spine

  • Strengthen your muscular system with the help of special medical gymnastics.
  • Follow the body weight.
  • Wear comfortable shoes (preferably not high heels).
  • Take chondroprotectors. Promoting the restoration of the spinal structures and protecting the cartilage from further destruction, they will significantly slow down the development of degenerative disc disease and spondylosis and relieve painful of back pain.
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