Shouldn’t Bart Simpson

In the cinematic history of the other: father, mother and five sons. My husband – a son and two daughters. But we know the characters of each series, some of us are like two of the characters.

In this show, all the episodes are witty, look at one go, in each frame there are a couple of pedagogical discoveries. And all without the use of edifying, that it will not find.

In search of happiness. How to improve relationships with loved ones

Yesterday, the mother found the older son hidden away in a drawer men’s magazine. What to do? If this had happened to me, I’d do anything, I’d think it should be. And that mother, cut out their faces from different photos, glued them instead of sex models and put the magazine back. Then of her son’s room came a scream of terror. And that let every woman, even a stranger and without panties, you’ll see the mother at least once. Tough, but there’s a strict mother.

I wonder when the children call me to look in the film. I perceive it as an undeserved compliment. See more of their external similarity to the artist, whose name in Russian can be pronounced as Koshmariki, although I would like to be like the mother she plays. But the kids disagree with me, like, all, they say. With good movies I think everyone looks and recognize yourself, your family or friends.

In General, this film is a benefit education is better than yellow in the Simpsons, although who in the simpsons its not out…

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