Calmness, only calmness! How to get rid of stress

How to behave correctly in similar situations, not to be in the next knockout?

Our expert – the psychologist Tatyana Dmitrieva.

To leave or to get involved?

Even if your house is almost always good weather, from foreign conflicts no one is protected. Went in the morning to be tested in the clinic, hesitated at the Elevator, received a portion of criticism, and you “bite” hurt? Stop! The main thing – not to start a chain reaction of emotions. The best way is to ignore the bully: turn around to the side, straighten up a proud posture will return your confidence and peace of mind. Does not work? Here are some simple techniques that can be used in such situations, no matter where it happened: in transport, in a store or a Bank.

Stress in the big city. What it influences and how to resist him

Take a deep breath and slowly count to ten.

Inhale through the nose, pass the air through the lungs, exhale through the mouth. Repeat several times and notice as tension begins to release.

Sharply compress fingers in a fist (while inhaling) and less energetically release them on the exhale. One, two, three – and adrenaline levels will drop.

Carry a few mints or gum: sucking and chewing distracts and soothes.

Press three to five times with the index finger on a point on the upper lip, below the nose, the irritation will begin to recede.

Fighting by the rules

The third day is no Elevator, though you have applied, do not heat the battery, can’t kick the homeless out the door?

If you are playing at home with a telephone receiver in his hand, to calm down, in addition to those techniques described above, use and others.

Take a pause between calls, drink small SIPS a glass of water, adding a little lemon juice – it has a diuretic effect and slow down the pressure jump, and the water will recalibrate the nervous system, quenching of the excitation.

Beware of the head! How to avoid becoming a victim of a head-Hama

A few minutes, shake the hands, feet, shoulders – will also help to let off steam.

Not helped? Take a towel or newspaper, crumple vigorously and sharply drop to hell or beating the pillow.

Turn on the faucet with cool water, put your hands under the tap for a few minutes.

Remember how as a child you were teased offenders: patrullajes in front of the mirror in the bathroom, show imaginary enemy language. Unexpected faces will make you smile is a great way of relaxing.

The battle is over? Reward yourself: eat something delicious to get pleasure from food. Make yourself comfortable in a chair or reclining on the couch, turn on your favorite quiet music, or open a detective, it is important to shift attention. Take care of yourself and be healthy! And all the rest – little things in life.

Svetlana Abramova, TV presenter:

– Keep your emotions in check is hard, but possible! Try not to focus on the stimuli, take a book, music, conversation. Think about the happy moments of life. Your anger won’t fix anything and will only hurt you. Think about it. And take care of yourself!

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