Eyes delight. How to improve eyesight

Such feelings as vigor, energy and activity, too, is associated with the eye condition.

The energy of youth

The load on eyes of a modern person is incredibly high. From early morning to late evening they are in tension. Wrinkles, dark circles, burning is the only visible sign of trouble. But there are other manifestations, at first glance, with your vision not related.

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In Oriental medicine the eye called the battery energy of youth. After all, they are concentrating it in yourself and send to all organs and systems. If the eyes are tired, then crashing in the chain occurs already at the initial stage. To treat the effects (lethargy, fatigue, irritability) without addressing the causes is meaningless. So join in the health of their eyes, and then positive change will surely feel the entire body.

It’s healthy to cry

While epiphora is a strong cleansing of the eyes (in comparison, not going any eye drops). So from time to time it is useful to yawn, to eyes were moist. But better to just cry for this even can be applied on the eyelids a little onion juice.

Watery eyes is a natural way of removing toxins. Suppression of emotions and deterrence of tears can lead to accumulation of harmful substances. Therefore, spare not, cry health. It and eyes well, and nervous system, and the entire body.

By the way!

According to Oriental medicine, all the organs of the body correspond to a certain element (there are five: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water). The eyes belong to the element Wood, the color of it is green. So this color has a positive effect on the eyes. Preferably near the computer to keep any thing green. From time to time to do a break in work and to contemplate the thing (at least 5 minutes every hour).

Breath deep, hands wider!

To restore vision to help specially selected exercises for the eyes. To relieve eyestrain, take on Board some exercise.

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1. Very tight close your eyes and then quickly open. Feel the stretching. Even wider open your eyes and lignite eyebrows. Repeat the exercise 5 times.

2. Take a deep breath and look down. Then quickly pomogite 10 times.

3. Close your eyes and rotate eyeballs 20 times in one direction and then another 20 times in the other direction.

4. Open your eyes and repeat the same thing, but with open eyes.

5. Look at the tip of the nose, then into the distance. Repeat the exercise 20 times.

6. One of the most popular and powerful yoga exercises – the flame of a candle. It allows not only to improve eyesight but also to increase the level of internal energy and intuition. Sit in a darkened room, straighten your back. At a distance of about 40 cm set a lighted candle. The flame should be exactly opposite your eyes. Close your eyes and relax. When you feel calm, open your eyes and focus your gaze on the tip of the wick. Most concentrate. When the eyes get tired or begin to water, close them. However, the head does not lose the image of a candle all the time to save it before the mind’s eye (the point between your eyebrows). As soon as the image starts to disappear, open your eyes again and concentrate on the flame. During the exercise keep your back straight, breathe normally and not strain. Do the exercise first 3 minutes then increase the time. Ideally up to 15 minutes. Rather than once a week.

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Massage can help

To increase metabolic processes in the eye, strengthen eye muscles and improve the function of internal organs and help massage.

First prepare hands. Take a deep breath and exhale, shake hands, as if relieving tension. RUB your palms together until you feel warmth in them from the blood flow. Close your eyes.

  • Put your hands forever. Stay in this position for about a minute. It relaxes nerves, relieves tension, increases blood circulation.
  • Middle joints of the thumbs massage the upper eyelids. And the outer side of the thumb – eyebrows. 18 make a circular motion. This exercise improves eyesight and prevents eye diseases.
  • Press 27 times on the outer corners, then 36 times the inner corners of the eyes. These points are called “points of beauty”. The impact on them helps to improve blood circulation and get rid of wrinkles.
  • The index and middle fingers of both hands massage the sides of the nose closer to the base of the eye. When large fingers lock at the base of the lower jaw, in the pit. Then the index fingers of both hands massage the cheeks, at the base of the eyeball. Massage improves blood circulation, promotes sharpness of vision, the stress.

To work eyes particularly useful:

  • carrots (beta-carotene improves visual acuity);
  • spinach (lutein prevents cataract development);
  • eggs (sulfur, lutein, cysteine, amino acids also protect against cataracts);
  • dark chocolate (flavonoids improve the blood vessels and nourishment of the eyes);
  • almonds (vitamins A and E improve eyesight and relieve mental stress).

Olga Ushakova, TV presenter:

Most often my eyes are suffering from lack of sleep or prolonged work at the computer. In both cases it helps, of course, a dream, or just five minutes of rest with eyes closed. If you have time to look at the monitor or phone screen, I occasionally get my eyes, looking into the distance and doing a few simple exercises – screwed – open, rotating the eyes.

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