In France, a man with a knife attacked passers-by

A man with a knife attacked passers-by in the French town of Montauban, Agence France-Presse.

The incident occurred in the afternoon on Sunday, February 19. The first attacker in his car drove at high speed through the streets of the city. This caused panic among the residents, who considered it an attempted terrorist attack. For the offender went patrol police. Then he stopped near the Prefecture, got out of the car and attacked passers-by.

Suffered two: an elderly man and a girl. She got hit in the back and hospitalized. The doctors say that her life is not in danger.

The perpetrator was wounded by the police. He also is in the hospital.

According to the Agency, the attacker is mentally ill. At least three were sent to forced treatment in a psychiatric clinic. During the arrest, he shouted threats and Islamist slogans. However, the police it is not known as a radical Islamist, so the case opened on the fact of assassination attempt on the people, not terrorist attempts.

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