In the Kerch Strait has cancelled ice pilotage

Ice pilotage in the Kerch Strait canceled after the onset of the warming.

As reported on the website of the “Administration of sea ports of the Black sea”, an order cancelling the ice transaction was signed by the captain of the port of Kerch.

Due to the onset of zero temperature, Kerch ferry resumed its work, drifting ice is no longer a threat to the courts.

The ice transaction was entered in the Kerch Strait on 11 February due to ice drift. Because of the existing threats and the risk of punctures, passenger and cargo vessels suspended their work. As a result, during the week in the port “Caucasus” has a waiting list of over a thousand trucks, which led to difficulty with the supply of food and other goods to the Peninsula.

Currently Kerch ferry is back in normal mode, the queues in ports “Kavkaz” and “Crimea” are eliminated.

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