Skeleton Alexander Tretyakov: “About suspension I learned from the media”

The world championship in bobsleigh and skeleton was held in Sochi on the new Olympic track. However, because of the report of the head of the independent Commission WADA and the boycott by a number of teams the tournament moved to the German königssee. However, the Russian Alexander Tretyakov is one of the favorites of the competition. “AiF” has talked with Turkey about the postponement of the tournament, the opponents and the recent disqualification. Why Russia wins world Cup bobsled and what happens next?

Roman Ivanov, “AIF”: Alexander, the transfer of the championship in Germany may affect your result?

Alexander Tretyakov: I Came to Germany in advance to prepare. We were given four days to work on the track. Of course, I really hate that it all turned out. But we can not change anything. You just have to show that we are competitive on all routes, not just at home.

— What result will satisfy you in this championship?

— The task better talk to the coaches. I don’t think about it. For me the main thing is to drive so that would then was not to his questions. And if you blame yourself is not what, take any place, because at the moment this is my max.

The first the legend of the Russian skeleton. Alexander Tretyakov and his path to gold

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— Latvian Martins Dukurs special for you opponent?

— He is the favorite, the main contender for the gold. Therefore, in a sense, we have a special relationship. But at the same time, more important to me than the result, no matter who I precede. If I end up loan fourth place, and dumars will be the fifth, I won’t be happy that his beat.

— How is your communication with him, given that team Latvia skeleton one of the first made a statement about the boycott of the championship in Sochi?

We have a normal relationship. We only see each other at competitions, we can talk on some common topics.

Alexey Voevoda: sport – one of the fronts of the information war against Russia

— That is you personally in the face, he didn’t say “all Russians are doping”?

— No. What he had in mind I can not know…

— In December, after the report of McLaren international Federation of bobsleigh and skeleton suspended you from the competition due to suspicion of fraud with doping samples. It turned out that the evidence against you is not enough and the suspension canceled. What is happening now? You are informed about the proceedings?

With me, never contacted, did not take testimony. I do not know what happens there, find out from the media.

— But, probably, you once explained why you were suspended from competition in the moment when you lead in the world Cup?

— No. First suddenly removed, then suddenly, as abruptly allowed to speak. I can’t comment on that.

Okay. Then talk about skeleton. When flying on the ice chute headfirst at speeds of 140 km/hour, terrible does not happen?

— No. Scary at first, when engaged in the first year. For now, just until this all happens very quickly, no time to be afraid.

What is the skeleton?

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Usually the difference in the results is a few tenths of a second. How could a person feel on the track?

— Of course, fractions of a second to feel impossible. But, as a rule, once you understand that somewhere a little mistake and the result will be worse.

— How many skeletons?

One. I’m on it and train and compete for two years.

— This year you will be 32 years. And probably not far the day when you have to finish with big-time sports. There is a Russian skeleton sliders ready to come Tretyakov place?

To worry about it not worth it. As soon as I leave, my place will get. Now, I would pick the world champion among juniors Nikita Tregubov. He incidentally is also from Krasnoyarsk. Very capable guy, makes me happy.

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