The head of the Ministry of justice reported more than 5 thousand inspections of NGOs

The Ministry of justice in 2016, has spent more than 5.5 thousand inspections of non-profit organizations. The results were rendered more than 50 thousand warnings. In the register of “foreign agents” officials that included 43 NGOs

“Exhaustive checks”

The Ministry of justice reported on the results of work with non-profit organizations in 2016. As told by Monday, February 20, at the final Board of the Ministry, justice Minister Alexander Konovalov, officials last year conducted 5611 audits of activities of NCOs, of which 429 inspections were unscheduled, the correspondent of RBC. The audits were adopted 50.6 thousand “measures of legal response,” said the Minister: this is a warning, decision to suspend the activities, the protocols on administrative violations or lawsuits on liquidation of the NGO.

In March 2016 Konovalov told a session of the Federation Council that the number of inspections is reduced: in 2014, we received slightly more than 7 thousand, in 2015 — about 6.2 million, and for 2016 it was planned about 5.5 thousand inspections.

“We have not reached such complaints as before about the inspections of NGOs. The reasons may be different: whether the community is already accustomed to them, whether, indeed, there was such a complex and exhausting checks, as a few years ago. Then checked for a few weeks and required a lot of documents”, — noted in a conversation with RBC, member of the Council on human rights Elena Topoleva-Soldunova. According to her, the need to check NGOs, social activists are understanding.

“But the fact is, as a test. Earlier, the Ministry of justice is often asked for documents that could get in the procedure of interdepartmental exchange of electronic. Instead, we had a ton of papers to print. We tried such cases to keep track of and always talk about them, but I don’t remember,” said Topoleva-Soldunova.

Foreign agents

Speaking at the Collegium of the Ministry of justice Konovalov said, that time reported on its work to 64% of non-profit organizations — 106,3 thousand from 165 thousand organizations. The total number of active NGOs in Russia “is stable and varies slightly within one percent,” said the Minister.

In 2016, the registry of NCOs — foreign agents was included 43 organizations, as of 1 January 2017 the list of the Ministry of justice 154 such NGOs. Mainly the decision about inclusion in the register was made on the basis of its own audit Department, 13 decisions — once the organization has addressed with the corresponding request to the Agency, and only a decision by the public Prosecutor, said Konovalov.

Over the past year the attention of the Ministry of justice in connection with the “foreign agents” was largely confined to well-known organizations, drew attention in a conversation with RBC, Executive Director of the international society “memorial” Elena jemkova. “For example, “Levada-center”, “memorial” or the center “Sova”. It’s all organization of the Central special. This can happen because they were such an order. Or because of the bureaucratic machine, no matter how which organization famous,” — said zemkova. According to her, another trend in the state’s attitude towards NGOs is reflected in the fact that now claim to “foreign agents” rarely relate to the so-called political activities and often foreign funding.

The law on NGOs — foreign agents was adopted in 2012. Foreign agents are those organizations that receive funding from abroad and engaged in political activities. The law has drawn criticism from human rights activists, who have repeatedly stated that the notion of “political activity” in the document is interpreted very widely, and its main provision allows to include in the register any NGO.

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