What’s the salt? How useful and harmful this product

People who eat a lot of salt, you’re at risk for hypertension

It is believed that a part of salt sodium is able to increase the pressure. But provoke any salt hypertension.

The disease develops with age. Often affects smokers, people who abuse alcohol, overweight, constantly experiencing stress. And, as recently discovered by American scientists, only 30-40% of those who loves salty.

And still abuse the salt is not necessary. Excess sodium increases the excitability of the nervous system and reduces the density of bones, making them brittle (with age this can lead to osteoporosis). Don’t like salt heart and kidneys – those who have chronic diseases of these organs, it is necessary to limit its consumption.

Pink, brown or black. Understand the types of salt

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Salt is a drug, it is impossible to refuse

One of the most interesting works devoted to the influence of salt on the brain, was published in 2008 by researchers from the University of Iowa. The authors consider that salt is one of many substances that become dangerous when exceeding a certain dose. Rats deprived of salt, feel irritated, but as soon as they were again salty indulge, showed vigor and high spirits.

However, this does not mean that the salt should not be abandoned. The researchers observed the women and men, which were to reduce salt consumption by half. The first week brought no results. And then began a slow, but important changes. The test has not ceased to love salt and have not lost the ability to feel the salty taste. Conversely, receptors in the mouth responsible for the perception of salt, become more sensitive. But to get pleasure from the food of salt needed is now much less! After 12 weeks on the diet, the participants in the experiment were allowed back to salt food, but they were to use only 20% of the usual amount of salt.

Without the salt, but not fresh. Is it possible to do without the essential condiments?

Most salt in food from home. We do it all the time potseluem

It seems to be logical. Salt is in every house, it is at the center of the dining table, it is passed to each other over a meal and leave after lunch as a symbol of a future meal.

But how then to explain the fact that women eat about a teaspoon of salt per day, while adolescents and men older than forty – two?

The American researchers from the Center Monella gathered a group of 62 people – lovers of salty foods and gave them salt, which they had to use the house during the week. Volumes of salt were measured. Participants were also asked to carefully record everything they eat and drink. To increase the reliability of the reports, the researchers used a salt with an isotopic indicator (labeled atom), which was easy to determine in the urine. Regular tests showed the exact amount of food eaten salt from the salt shakers. At the end of the week, the researchers studied the data obtained.

Sodium from natural sources accounted for slightly more than 10% of total weekly volume. While the share of salt had… only 6%! Why are there still 80%? From semi-finished products that the participants bought in conventional supermarkets! Manufacturers do not just add to them salt, they literally toss her bags in pizza, ketchup and sauces.

Label deception? Products whose labelling contains promotional stunts

To really reduce the amount of salt in the diet, will have to abandon the ready meal. But the salt shaker is better not to throw. If you cook completely without salt, but preselvat food at the table, the body will do of salt is much smaller. Because it goes directly to the taste buds, giving the impression that the food is much saltier than it really is.

For food industry, salt is a real treasure. It greatly increases the attractiveness of products

So. Corn flakes are without it, a metallic taste, crackers seem soggy, ham like rubber. At the bakeries salt protects huge, fast working machines from clogging. It slows down the process of raising the dough, and through this furnace cope with production volumes. She fights with a rancid taste! It arises from the oxidation of meat fats in the preparation of semi-finished product.

By the way, salt is not the only source of sodium in processed foods. With sodium citrate, sodium phosphate and acid sodium pyrophosphate food look better, taste better, and the longer kept.

Salt is not needed to our body. This is nothing more than flavor

To do entirely without salt impossible. Its components – sodium and chloride help maintain the body’s water balance. Chloride ions necessary for the formation of hydrochloric acid in the gastric juice, and sodium ions are essential for maintaining acid-alkaline balance. They contribute to the emergence and conduct electrical impulses in nerve cells, in the blood and tissues receive glucose and amino acids.

Besides you will still eat salt, even if you give up the semi-finished products and canned food. Sodium is vegetables and herbs. For example, one stalk of celery contains 35 mg of sodium in baked potato is 15 mg in the sweet pepper – 2 mg.

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