After the storm “Harvey” at the Texas beach found a mysterious monster

American biologist Preeti Desai, followed by a lot of Internet users were interested in the unusual and rather frightening remains of a sea creature with sharp teeth, beached by a recent hurricane “Harvey”. Pictures of a strange animal with wrinkled skin and, judging from the picture, does not have a full eyes, Desai posted on his Twitter page.


The biologist said that he had discovered an unusual creature at the beach in Texas city and offered to all who will see this message and to some extent versed in biology, to help her understand what she did.

Some Internet users have noticed an unusual living creature similarities with various monsters from popular science fiction movies and books, in particular, with graboid, a giant toothy worms from the movies and the television series “Tremors”. Sounded — mostly in jest — and the other hardly related to the real life versions, implying, for example, that monster during a hurricane planted on the Earth by aliens or that he is a distant relative of the Loch Ness monster.

Okay, biology is twitter, what the heck is this?? Found on a beach in Texas City, TX. #wildlifeid

— Preeti Desai? (@preetalina) 6 September 2017

However, the majority of commenters agreed that, in fact, unusual animal is a sea eel that lived at great depths. At the same time discovered a creature can look even more unusual due to the fact that, in all likelihood, in the process of decomposition his body was somewhat deformed.

“Eyeless and legless creatures with sharp teeth meet either at the bottom of the ocean, or in nightmares” joked one Twitter user, pay attention to the message.

Recently on the United States for the first time in the history of this country was simultaneously hit by two powerful hurricanes. The first was “Harvey”, which in Texas and Louisiana, killing at least 47 people and about 43 thousand people were left homeless. From the second hurricane, dubbed “Irma,” has hurt Florida, which claimed the lives of 55 people despite one of the largest, if not the largest in American history evacuation.

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“”A huge tail, terrible teeth”: a hurricane in Texas generated dead monster”


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