Angelina Vovk: “Warmth was in the Soviet Union, and now show business”

Angelina here angelina there. Angelina elusive! It’s all in the job: being the head of the international children’s festival “song of the year”, head of the Department of elocution in the Institute of culture. All this is fine, but we love her for… for all the best that is in us. For what Ms. wolf gave us a piece of his soul. Absolutely no strings attached. Thank You, Angelina!

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe
Vladimir Shainskiy.

“Frogs I love, but only when they croak under the window”

— Angelin, finally, and then could not catch you. You home is not sit?

— And what house to do: sit at home, watch TV? What channel, tell me?

— Well, at least the channel “Culture”.

— As someone who is committed to the culture, I can tell you that the channel “Culture” is too conservative.

— I agree, but if you’re that advanced, then what is your advancement?

— I advanced? I’m not advanced, I pushed. Understand that while I demand while my offer, until then I’m not going to sit at home. Even when I turn away from, all the channels, all the journalists, everyone will forget about my existence, I will not sit at home. I’ll pack a small suitcase and leave to the mountains to the sea. Live there as long as the Lord God gives me.

— Great! You said on television, and it brings us together. Remember, you participated in the program “dancing with the stars” danced. How did it feel?

— Do not forget that I have acting training, I finally graduated from GITIS, and we there were also optional dance classes. But dance said to be useful at any age, especially mine. The man becomes younger and all illnesses recede. I have no time now because I was busy preparing for the anniversary, but once it ends, I will definitely get myself a trainer, I will train and I will dance. (Sings.) “I dance-VA-a-a-AMB I want!”

— But you were the program “how are you!” with Gennady Malakhov, there is such a person. Just ask: do not crazy from what he offered in the form of treatment?

— So no sedition, he hasn’t asked. I love these traditional recipes. I understand that they don’t always work, sometimes people think of them, and all this is not tested, but I also gravitate to this! I guess I’m somewhere with Gennady Petrovich the same. And some of these methods blasphemous or shocking from Gennady Petrovich, I don’t know. Not he had given this advice, the advice given by invited experts from different fields, and each, of course, excelled in his own way. Anyway, it was interesting to watch, but the viewer has the opportunity to choose something. He wants to experiment on yourself — please, experiment; you do not want — do not look. But Gennady Petrovich people across the country loves. We were in Odessa when it was still peaceful and calm, and I must say that it was impossible to pass — all shouting: “When will you appear again on the screen?!” My girlfriend told me that when she started our program, all the benches emptied around in front of the Windows, because women of a certain tender age ran away to the TV. We were entertained and given, maybe, some helpful tips, because many have incurable disease, and sometimes not very complicated, but there is no money for their treatment. You know, in our time, must pay for everything, unfortunately.

photo: From personal archive

— Sorry for the intimate question, but you are not treated by the method Malakhov: do not put on the belly of a frog, did not drink, excuse me, urine?

— Of course, there are things that I wouldn’t be able to do. For example, drink a glass of morning urine for the health of all people on earth. No, it’s not for me! And frogs I love, but only when they croak under the window. I really like the way they sing, especially in the spring, I was not annoying, on the contrary, calms. I also like how the crows cawed. However, when they are anxious croak, I feel sorry for them, I think they’re hungry, probably, it is necessary to feed them…

— Do not you think that Gennady Malakhov its originality is somewhat reminiscent of Natalia Poklonskaya?

— People should be different from each other. If we were all the same, it would be interesting. Well, let them be different. Let it be Poklonskii, Malakhov, Vovk, Milimani, let it be, all the same its there highlight.

— How is your winter swimming is — you still probably still go for him?

— What can I say… This year has been I have not very pleasant… because of the joints, so I slightly slowed down. In the bathroom I, of course, pour cold water, but the hole did not go far. Probably, all the time. I remember Valya Tolkunova, God rest her soul, when she learned that I was swimming in the hole, said, “Lina, I beg you, don’t do this, you will have bones in old age sick.” Well, bones began to ache… I don’t know, it’s a Fluke or temporary, can be really a stroke of fate at the door: knock, knock, stop, girl, look in the passport…

No, the passport won’t even watch because I’m talking now with a very young woman.

— Well, thank you, Sasha, thank you. You my son are very good, I also you the tale read as a child…

I know you had a godson, and his daughter — they are like your granddaughter.

— Yes, they’re my godson, son of my brother. So they are my granddaughters, lovely girls, learn and grow.

— So the eldest was named after you!

— Yes, Angelina. I told them: take my name — let angelina Vovk lives on.

— She has not taken?

— No, why, took, she, angelina Vovk. So I have children no, but when I fly away to heaven, then will still be on earth angelina Vovk.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe
Angelina Vovk with angelina and Anna.

“And what do you think: I began to fall in a swoon”

— Let us recall the recent past. You’re a fashion model working for some time?

The father of Philip Kirkorov (he studied with me at the Institute on Opera direction, he was about thirty, and I was eighteen) recently said to me, “angelina, I thought then that you were terminally ill, so you were skinny.” Yes, I was skinny. Well, you can say so, and you can tell — slim. Because usually in fashion models take slim girls. That took me. So I’m at the Kuznetsk Bridge in the House of fashion for some time moonlighting as a fashion model. All the same, then studied, and it was necessary to stipend some money to earn! There is a very long way of fitting in a small cramped dressing room, around the mirror, and I haven’t eaten anything and was hungry from morning till night, while fed by solar energy. And guess what: I began to faint. One time fell, second, third… And I said, “Darling, thank you. Well, we can’t help you more hold, you can’t stand it”.

— And when you’ve already had the fame, popularity — they say that you even without a permit, went to the city Council and by car to the Kremlin moved in.

— It was a revolutionary time. Now if you go to the city Council, it never will, and when perestroika began, the city Council reminded the Smolny from the films about Lenin. Remember, there are people coming and going, shuffling feet, smoke… Hard to imagine, but the city Council was not carpet people came and no one asked why and where they go. That is, the government was accessible to the people. And, of course, the Kremlin. In the Kremlin there was a program, and I drove there on his little blue Volkswagen. No, my pass was, of course.

— Yes, there were times… Let’s talk about “good night, kids!” — we’re all your children. And who was your best friend on the airwaves: Stepashka, piggy, Phil or Karkusha?

Most of all, like all children of the Soviet Union, I loved piggy. You know why? This actress, Natalia Derzhavin, who isn’t here on this earth, created such an extraordinary way, she gave piggy the nuances, such a tone, that not to love him was impossible. And we loved his whole country.

“Warmth was in the Soviet Union, and now — show business”

— Angelin just in the Moscow municipal elections were held. And you were also a municipal Deputy for so many years. Now I go to vote?

— The fact that the elections I got, I was attracted to participate in the Days of Moscow. In the morning I: well, go then, when I get off work. But even a minute of free time was not, so I couldn’t go. But I think, without me do it, chose. I worked for four convocation, were mainly engaged in children, as serious matters of state I have not decided.

— So deputies do not solve them in principle.

Well, after all: to allow to construct a building or to permit, to put the runways under the menu or to put… of Course I took part in the discussion, expressed their opinions, but to say that we did some kind of global policy in the area, I can’t. Although I tried, of course.

I know that you are entering in the Guinness Book of records…

— I was included in the Guinness Book of records for long-term management of the “Song of the year” because if you count the number of issues I had, then there is a huge amount. So I wrote: “For many years of beautiful and talented management of the festival “Song of the year”.

— Honestly, you and Eugene Menshov is very lacking in this transfer.

— Yes, unfortunately, Zhenya is not the same on this earth… other times, Other lead, other singers, performers. Zhenya, you know, would have been an anachronism, if now suddenly continued “the Song of the year”, well, agree?

— But I miss that warmth that you carried.

— Warmth, I agree, is not enough. Now our life has changed. Sincerity was in the Soviet Union, and now — show business.

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