Anzor, Kavazashvili: “After the draw “Spartak” keeps chances of an exit”

— To date, “Spartacus” out of the crisis, signs of which were evident in the recent times, began Anzor, Oberkovich. — The appearance at the gate Artem Rebrov says that the field players, too, began to feel calmer and more confident. When in the “Spartak”, headed by Gusakovym interaction, and the team is very creative, it brings a noticeable and good results. An example of such coherence — last season. Thanks to the strong midfield they won most of the matches and became Champions of Russia.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

None of the members of Glushakova because of an injury directly affects the team: she’s starting to play much worse. However to yesterday’s match the team came very responsibly, trying to be his favorite style — holding the ball, a sharp and quick attack. By connecting Eshchenko Kombarov and Spartak managed to create a lot of chances. The last twice could have put the episode and be the hero, but, unfortunately, his defensive game was much weaker. Therefore, for actions in defense he can put a “count” but for the fact that he was connected to the attack — “four” or “five”. The final score of 2.5–3.

Kombarov was also very useful, but in the final stage, when it was necessary to make the right pass in the penalty area and to score a goal, he task failed. Overall, the team was focused on attacking football. The coach trusts the defenders and the Midfielders, and they quietly feel on the offensive line. But the game in midfield needs to be very clear, midfield is obliged to properly perform its functions.

Goal conceded from “Maribor” speaks only of the excess complacency of the Spartak players. The enemy with the center of the field began to move towards our goal. But no one attacked. Missed one, two, three… freely and Easily given to the ball player “Maribor”, who scored a goal. The same pattern repeated itself again. We could have scored another curve ball, which also passed the bar.

I like the cohesion of the players of “Spartak”. They play competently, a good understanding of each other. But still the actions of individual players not allowed us to win this match. A new attacking midfielder Pasalic — the same player who will soon be the leader in “Spartacus”. I’m afraid that Glushakov will have to give place to Pasalic.

Naturally there will be the match result? With all the options from the good teams is the Golden recipe: an away draw and a home win ensures the title. Would win — it would be great played in a draw — well done. The house will win through to the next round. The possibility of exit from the group of “Spartak” remain. In General, good players who can play at any level. If football was to score all the balls that might have been a basketball score. Football attracts viewers because the game is born from many things. A draw is not a reason for a defeatist thoughts. The goal we conceded was absolutely stupid.



Group a: Benfica (Portugal) — CSKA (Russia) — 1:2, “Manchester United” (England) — “Basel” (Switzerland) — 3:0

Group b: Bayern Munich (Germany) — “Anderlecht” (Belgium) — 3:0, “Celtic” (Scotland) — PSG (France) — 0:5

Group C: Chelsea (England) — “Karabakh” (Azerbaijan) — 6:0, Roma (Italy) — Atletico Madrid (Spain) — 0:0

Group D: Barcelona (Spain) — “Juventus” (Italy) — 3:0, Olympiakos (Greece) — “Sporting” (Portugal) — 2:3

Group E: Maribor (Slovenia) — “Spartak” (Russia) — 1:1 “Liverpool” (England) — “Seville” (Spain) — 2:2

Group F: “Feyenoord” (Holland) — “Manchester City” (England) — 0:4, Shakhtar (Ukraine) — “Napoli” (Italy) — 2:1

Group G: FC Porto (Portugal) — “Beshiktash” (Turkey) — 1:3, “Leipzig” (Germany) — Monaco (France) — 1:1

Group H: real Madrid (Spain) — APOEL (Cyprus) — 3:0, Tottenham (England) — “Borussia” (Germany) — 3:1

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