As Russia in basketball again until Spain got game

Basketball Russian national team – again in the “Big four” of Europe! Held in Istanbul the European championship our team, defeating in the quarterfinals Greece and losing in the semifinals of Serbia, will now fight for the bronze medal.

About how it was and what it will read in the column located at the scene, the basketball expert, MC Alexander Fedotov.

Photo: press-service RFB

In one of the short breaks quarterfinal Thriller, the Russia – Greece in the lens of the animation camera Huge Cam (hugs) got David Blatt. Sitting next to the President of RBF Andrei Kirilenko and CSKA President Andrey Vatutin instantly accepted the challenge, abrasives with hugs former head coach of Russia – to the General delight of the audience.

This funny episode seemed to have added strength and energy to our team. In the eyes of Blatt, which brought the Russian basketball historical gold of Eurobasket 2007 and bronze medals of the 2012 Olympics, she gripped the torn was at the expense of the Greeks. Seized and eventually wore out, overcame, gnawing the victory. So important and desirable, gave Russia half-forgotten happiness matches the “Big four” of the European championship.

The official estimate of the team’s performance, which will be given later on the Executive Committee of basketball Federation, is traditionally limited to the formal definitions of “Successful”, “Satisfactory” and “Unsatisfactory”. Beating in the 1/4 final Greece (the same that in the first round of the playoffs stumbled Lithuanians themselves), obviously, wards Sergei Bazarevich had secured the highest possible rating. But what I wanted except Cabinet-Ministerial “Successful” have the full right to clear and emotional, “Brilliant”, “Amazing”! For this Swede, Mozgova and To was required to make at least another step. To beat Serbia in the semifinals.

Alas, it did not happen. The battle for the final, held on Friday evening in Istanbul “Sinan Erdem Daum”,

we lost. Why? Because it’s Serbia, basketball country, where the loss of several leading players, including Teodosic, do not knock it from the number of favorites. Because is very difficult to beat a team two games in a row at one tournament (remember that the first encounter with the Serbs in the group stage ended in favor of the Russians). Because they have a sniper killer with the face of a child Bogdanovich and giant Marjanovic – their actions on the court, in fact, predetermined the outcome of the game. Because they have thoroughly studied our team and have implemented his tactics against Alexey Shved: let, throws, and scoring (33 points in the semifinals!), but partners is open for discounts and gear finds.

However, these “because” Serbia would not be enough. After all, the national team of Russia and Istanbul – lovely contrasts. Disastrous cuts and flaws in the protection it magically compensated for her courage and fighting spirit. As a result, three minutes before the end from a double digit advantages of Serbs remained only 2 points. The loss of a rival and the attack, in which the Swede puts up a three…

The leader of the Russian team and top scorer in the current Eurobasket, of course, had the right on that shot. But missed. Another chance to take the lead in the end the Serbs did not let us. Defeat – 79:87 and on Sunday, the Russian national team waits for the match for 3rd place. And not with just anybody but with the Spanish main, as it seemed, the favorite of the championship, suddenly and devastatingly (with difference of “minus 20”!) the loser of the other semi-finalists Slovenia.

A remake of the Eurobasket-2007 which we all dreamed of, is still held. Don’t let it be final, however, the spectacle is in any case guaranteed. Russia vs Spain – ten years later. All the same centers gasoline brothers, Navarro and Rodriguez against the new Russian heroes. Must watch!

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