B-2 shocked fans with clip-horror “Whiskey”

Only the most ancient and knowledgeable history of the group fans can recall how at the beginning of her glorious journey concerts began with the fact that on stage pulled out a coffin, from which Leva has out shot the shirt and pillow in my arms. It seems that the musicians filming a video for the song “Whiskey” from the new album “event Horizon”, decided to recall the violent “punk” youth. Despite the depth and philosophic many of his compositions, they are not averse to a row, and even terror. Fresh video proof of this.

The frame of the clip.

It it was directed by Igor Shmelev, who also worked for team video for the song “Compromise”, “Likes”, “Bird on the windowsill” and “Pilot.” Latest — title song “event Horizon”, which they themselves Leva and Shura called “the sound Manifesto” of the entire work. If it’s dramatic, half-real, half-fantastic story, that “Whiskey” is quite different from her. Describe what happens is difficult. Here you illegal whiskey, and house with residents-vampires, and a bearded woman who is “fake.” How the plot relates to the content of the song to decide personally for each viewer, depending on perception and imagination, which when you view this exciting short movie musical might break out in earnest. Bike and scary, and funny, not like anything previously created Bi-2, and this is its charm.

The genre defined as “borscheva horror”, and to work together, invited the American singer John Grant. Besides him, the clip is also played by actors Stanislav Doinikov and Olga Efremova. The musicians said the “MK” read more about their collaboration.

John Grant: We met after my gig in November in Moscow, the guys came to me behind the scenes. After some time corresponded, and when I was invited, I of course immediately said Yes, because for me it is a great honor.

Shura: – When recorded, John says, “Well, I probably have a strong accent…”. We said, “It’s perfect! You have a beautiful accent!” John spoke excellent Russian, so it came very naturally.

As the set was chosen a place of historical, if not legendary: the village of Borodino, in the video received quite a different name — Borscht.

Leva: – We in any case needed a location where there are old houses, where you can use the inventory preserved from those times…


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