Bessaga lowered prices

“In 2017 the cost of air travel fell by an average of 15% due to growth in traffic volume, stabilization of the ruble and introduction of bezbashennyh and non-refundable rates”, — said the adviser on transport of the Federal Agency for tourism (Rosturizm) Dmitry Gorin. While international and domestic routes tickets cheaper different: 16% and 8% respectively. However, tariffs reduction was even more significant: by irrevocable and bezbashennye tickets were worth 20% less. To sell tickets without requiring the payment of Luggage airlines allowed a new law coming into effect in September that, according to experts, made travelling more favorable light.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

As noted by an official from the Federal Agency for tourism, at the end of 2017 will be recorded growth of passenger traffic by 18% in comparison with last year, which is reflected in the ticket price due to increased competition between market participants. “With the growth of traffic volume decreases the average cost of tickets, as the development of air traffic, forcing airlines to offer more affordable product,” explained Gorin. However, a major factor in the fall in the price of the tickets was the introduction on the market bezbashennyh tariffs. The relevant amendments to the legislation this summer made the Ministry of transportation: before you pay Luggage automatically included in the full cost of the ticket, regardless of carried passenger Luggage or flying with hand Luggage only. The new regulations require that the passenger retains the right of free baggage weighing up to 10 kg with return tickets and non-refundable airline tickets can this rule not to extend. At the discretion of the carriers remains and the cost of the baggage, however it is limited to a weight of 5 kg.

Many experts and officials have criticized bezbashennyh tariffs. For example, a member of the Federation Council Lyudmila Narusova stated that “the law of lobbying the interests of the airlines” and disadvantageous to passengers. A similar opinion was expressed by the Chairman of the Board of the International Confederation of societies of consumers Dmitry Yanin, which is expected to rise in price of tickets after the adoption of the law. “We are going to have to pay for any bag you hand in your Luggage, because the return tickets with the right Luggage there are tickets in business class,” said the defender of the rights of consumers.

However, statistically non-refundable tickets in Russia are far from the entire rate schedule. In General, these tickets are initially cheaper are offered by low-cost airlines, in the case of Russia — airline “Victory”. Management of the carrier welcomed the change, said that the new rules will help the development of low-cost carrier in the country and promised to reduce rates of non-refundable tickets: the minimum price is 999 rubles to be lowered to 777 rubles. In airlines believe that carriers should have the opportunity, but taking into account the interests of customers, to set the baggage allowance without additional charge or provide more favorable rates to those who travel light and this can

to save on the flight. Such passengers among the clients of “Victory” about 40%, according to the low-cost airline. On its website, the airline has already published the new baggage rules and carry-on baggage in connection with the coming into force

from 30 September changes. Now free to carry in the cabin can be a handbag or briefcase, outerwear, mobile phones, cameras, laptops and some other things, this “Victory” has removed restrictions on the size of the purse and the portfolio that previously existed. The airline also plans to reduce prices on travel Luggage to 30% and set a minimum rate of 15 kg instead of 10 kg as it was before. In the opinion of management of the carrier, is the optimal weight, which will cost the passenger 1 thousand rubles. The other hand Luggage (travel bags, backpacks) and Luggage will have to pay in non-refundable tickets, but for those to whom it is unprofitable, the airline has introduced tariffs with included Luggage.

In Europe, where the market for low-cost transportation is more developed, rates are also highly differenziata, while almost everywhere the service of baggage in the hold is paid. In contrast to the old Russian rules carry-on baggage is usually included in the fare, but the things in excess of, the same purse, camera, laptop, charged separately.

The fact that the rules that exist in Western companies, came to us quite naturally, the managing partner of the bar Association “starinsky, Cartago and partners” Vladimir starinskij.

“These trends have long been the norm and came from Europe, where the free baggage allowance and size of hand Luggage depends on the category of ticket and the particular construction of the aircraft. We can say that these changes, even positive for the industry, as now domestic air travel go much more expensive than their foreign, same distance”, — the expert believes.

According to him, many passengers prefer to fly without Luggage, but cheaper. However, he noted that it is impossible to prevent companies too have reduced the possible amount of hand Luggage, otherwise people will have to pay for everything and spend money even more than before.

Pricing European low-cost airlines based on the rejection of many services. The leading Western players of the market of services such as Luggage in the hold, airport check-in, a duplicate of the boarding pass is not included in the minimum rate and will be charged extra, unlike the “Victory”. “The airline is not an airline of low prices, this company is low cost, — says Fedor Borisov, senior research fellow, Institute for transport Economics and transport policy HSE — passenger proposed to form a package, which he wants to obtain. The opportunity for business to determine the baggage allowance is one of the necessary attributes for the development of lowcost. Different countries have different regulations, but in General it is a question of quality of services, and it is regulated by the market. Therefore, no catastrophe happened. Consumers change, feel, have long been bezbashennye fares that the airlines use, violating the law, and now they will use them, without violating the law. The price is determined not by laws, it is determined by supply and demand. You now not free carry any Luggage, just the price is hammered in the tariff”.

But in the largest Russian carrier “Aeroflot” have declared that do not intend to impose bezbashennye rates, and noted that prices for tickets in economy class in connection with the adoption of the new law will not change, and the new rule will allow passengers engaged in a flight without Luggage, buying tickets at a lower cost. “This bill will help to harmonise the Russian legislation with international practice and essential for the overall development of low-cost transportation in Russia. You must give the passenger the right to choose services, which he preferred on a given flight. It is important that tickets for babagana rate will be an alternative to, not a substitute for regular tickets,” — said “MK” in the airline.

Note that “Aeroflot” called the main lobbyist of the law on messagage with non-refundable tickets since 2012. However, other airlines adoption of amendments only supported: bezbashennye rates have S7, UTair, “Ural airlines”, they were entered for competition with the “Victory”, and they were only an alternative, but not replacement Luggage tickets.

Executive Director of the Agency “AviaPort” Oleg Panteleev reminds that non-refundable fares, which the company began to introduce a year and a half ago cost 1.5–2 thousand rubles cheaper, it is possible to increase passenger load factor and improve the financial performance of the carriers. Now, together with the expansion of the range of tariffs basbakani-refundable tickets recorded a substantial decline in the cost of air travel, despite fears of opponents of the law who, judging by the price statistics was not justified.

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