China is sowing panic in the market of cryptocurrencies: bitcoin exchange rate plummeted

The Chinese government has completely banned the trade in all cryptocurrencies in the country. Then ceased the work of the cryptocurrency exchange, Bitcoin value in a matter of hours has fallen by 35% from $5000 to $2500. China was a world leader in mining digital money in China accounted for about 90% of the turnover of trading. Because of the prohibitions China the prices of kripaluji on world markets jump in a large range during the day, Bitcoin lost and was returned at $800-1000 dollars. Experts believe that the closure of Chinese exchanges could play into the hands of Russia and the Russian Federation have all chances to become a leader in the cryptocurrency market.

Expert in cryptocurrency markets of the Asia-Pacific region, the Fund investor Nakamato Capital Georgy Blagov believes that the Russian projects and investors shouldn’t panic due to the closure of the Chinese market: “In the long term the us it is even beneficial, because now imploded main competitor, which held a huge amount of cryptocurrency.

Where to now go to all of the projects, which essentially closed the major Asian gate? Further volumes are States we are. The US also has, for example, of the evil law 5031, which requires obtaining a license for cryptocurrency activity, and the rules for the certification are so tough from the United States voluntarily resigned is not one of the exchange and the platform. I think that now Russia has all chances to occupy a leading position on the market of cryptocurrencies”.

Cryptotriton, blockchain developer-platform Ivan Tumanov in conversation with “MK” suggested that the prohibitions of China is nothing more than manipulation of the cryptocurrency market, used by the Finance authorities for the first time. “They pretend that they have everything bad, wreaking havoc, people begin to sell criptato, and they it was repurchased by the falling price, and then raise the cost, since China accounts for about 60% of the market. Now, Bitcoin has again played the part of positions and reached the level of $3600. The fluctuation range is quite large: 40% of the value of the cryptocurrency”, – said the expert.

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