Danish area on 16 and 17 September

16 SEP

International day of ozone layer protection.

1492 — during the first expedition of Columbus openly Sargasso sea.

1857 — Jane Pierpont of Boston received a copyright for the song “One Horse Open Sleigh” is better known as “Jingle Bells”.

1982 — memorial complex “Malaya Zemlya” in Novorossiysk.

17 SEP

The day of the forest.

1787 — constitutional Convention in Philadelphia adopted the U.S. Constitution.

1922 — in Berlin hosted the world’s first public demonstration of sound film.

1922 — in Moscow took place the USSR’s first radio concert. Start broadcasting of “Radio Moscow”.

1957 in Mexico took place the marriage of Sophia Loren and film producer Carlo Ponti.

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