Distributors of “Matilda” will strengthen the security in the first days of the show

September 11 should have been held pre-premiere screening of “Matilda” in the cinema of Gosfilmofond of the Russian Federation, but a few hours before his session was canceled, citing problems with the copy of the film. Following this, the country’s largest cinema chain refused to show “Matilda” due to security threats.

Still from the film

The press service of the cinema circuit, which includes 75 cinemas in 28 Russian cities (roughly every seventh hall), issued a statement in connection with the illegal actions on the part of the opponents of the film by Alexei Uchitel “Matilda”, which occurred in recent days in different cities of Russia, and the frequent threats against cinemas the management of the network decided to abandon showing films. The decision is linked to a desire to protect the visitors of the cinema from the risks that entail public screenings of the film.

In General, the established period of disunity and vacillation. Someone from the distributors thinking about how to be: to abandon the “Matilda” or to solve a problem of strengthening of security measures.

Was there ever before such precedents in the history of cinema in the country? With the cinema historian Eugene Margalita we tried to remember similar examples. The only thing that came to mind is the excitement that arose in connection with the prohibition of the screening of “Andrei Rublev” Tarkovsky. According to colleagues, it was a picture of great power and inner freedom, and the system could not understand what it is, but vaguely something dangerous felt it.

And to “Matilda” was filmed picture about Kshesinskaya. The first “Soloist of his Majesty,” Michael Werner, which appeared in 1927, where she appears particularly unpleasant, leading to the death of a young lady. One-minute fragment of the film is stored in Gosfilmofond in Russia.

We spoke with the Director of marketing for the network, which refused to work with “Matilda” by Alexei Uchitel.

— Your colleagues refused to rent the movie. And you feel calm? In your address threats arrive?

— Bomb threats all: we set on fire you will be cursed… After a lot of them, you can start to fear. But I and my guide can’t see in this picture is something what you need to burn people. This feature film is our history. No shame there. There are facts which will not go away.

— You understand that it is not a specific film. The Teacher could be someone else.

— Could catch on absolutely any film. In the life of Nicholas II the story was, that did not prevent to rank him among the saints.

— Who receives letters with threats from private individuals or organizations?

— Mostly from organizations. In different cities there are groups of people, supposedly believers, who expressed their dissatisfaction. But who they really are, we have not tested. I suspect that all comes from the same organization, and then quickly spreads through their networks. At different theaters received letters from almost the same content.

— Will have to impose increased security measures?

At least the guards will have to put more people at least starting days. In shopping centers where there are many cinemas, too, receive letters threatening that they will blow up, burn… So it will increase security just in case. The story is not quite predictable. We understand that this may be just threats. God forbid that they left without further action. If, God forbid, something happens, there should already connect our law enforcement agencies and begin to deal with the instigators.

What is happening now — in fact bullying. And this is the article. It’s like the calls that the bombs are coming to malls in different cities. In the case of “Matilda” the threats come at least six months, and law enforcement agencies have long had to deal with this. Perhaps something done, we just know nothing about it. But the threats keep coming. A bench is not covered, did not find the chief, who are all committed.

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