Editor-in-chief of the German Focus apologized for insulting Putin

Chief editor of the German magazine Focus Robert Schneider has apologized for provocative material, which was allowed insults to the Russian President Vladimir Putin. About this Facebook reported the press attache of the Russian Embassy in Germany Denis Mikerin.

photo: Alexander Astafyev

“He (Robert Schneider – “MK”) personally expressed regret in connection with certain statements in the journal to the President of the Russian Federation, assuring that the wording in no way wanted to offend or insult the Russian President,” – wrote the diplomat.

Mikerin added that the chief editor of the newspaper agreed with the arguments of a diplomat that allowed the article to the wording regarding Putin are unacceptable.

Recall the indignation of the Russian side called the article about the attitude of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Putin. In particular, the article said that Merkel, of course, Putin is afraid of dogs (German Chancellor is afraid of dogs in principle – “MK”), but she’s definitely not afraid of the dog-Putin.

Later, the Focus declared that he did not want to offend anyone, and used the formulation described as “an ironic play on words.”

Disagreed in Moscow. In particular, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that such articles cast a shadow on the reputation of the publication.

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