Ekaterina Semenova: “I never cheat and you give it all”

Decoration of the festive program “MK” in the city Day was the performance of famous singer Ekaterina Semenova. The music is easy to read and understandable to a wide audience. The avant-garde, fusion, progressive’s definitely not about her. But the singer bribe naturalness and sincerity, she is always on the stage, and outside it remains itself and is not trying to impersonate someone else. And to communicate with her and listen to her performances, great fun.

photo: From personal archive
Ekaterina Semenova and Mikhail Tereshenko on a holiday “MK”.

— Catherine, how did your speech at the holiday “MK”?

— Everything went great, I sang along, clapped and supported. I was planning to sing “not To drink, not smoke” and two songs from the new album, but the public is so persistently begged to sing and “Schoolgirl” that I could not refuse. From this speech I got a lot of fun. Remarkably, it was the time and place, and the organization of the concert, and of course the audience.

— The concert premiere of the song “Canary”, written by you to your husband Michael, Tereshenko.

— I am very pleased with its performance. The day before we recorded the song in the Studio, it was still quite fresh material. Michael never sang solo, occasionally in humorous programmes he sang in company with other artists, and that most of the faces of comic characters. In the Studio he recorded the song in just two takes. And the audience greeted the song very well. I was very proud of them.

— You’ve been together for 25 years, why is this only your first song written for him?

I’d written him before, but he refused. And now I’ve decided that it’s time. I’m in charge whatever they want, so be it. Compose a song, go into the Studio and write. Because a bad song I won’t write, and good — why would he not sing?

Your situation has recently changed somewhat, before (10-15 years) you wrote only the music for my songs, which were performed by other artists, and now out of the shadows and once again began to sing themselves. Why did this happen? Were (or are anticipated) large-scale concert program?

— I would like to clarify that for many years writing music for others, but to himself also did not forget. I have only in the last six years released three albums. So I’m from the stage did not go, continue to sing, to perform, to bring joy to people. Another thing is that on TV I was very little show, but it’s not only my problem. Big music programs I have lately were not, because they organize and conduct very expensive. Now I have started doing fairly well-known concert Director, and maybe something similar will happen, maybe not. Do not want to think. But most of all I love concerts, participate in them much easier than to organize a solo. And something similar things happen in my life constantly. Just returned from Smolensk, will soon go to the far East, and then I Misha will go on tour to Israel, where going to make a splash.

— Which artists are you writing now? And can you articulate what is the secret of a hit?

No, you can’t. A hit is not necessarily high-quality, talented music. A composer can write utter nonsense, but if he has the means to make this song constantly rotated on radio and TV, it will inevitably be a hit, and in any execution. My main pride as a composer of songs performed by the choir Pyatnitsky. Because they basically do not sing contemporary songs. The folk repertoire, or songs of the old composers. And my sing songs Lolita, Julian, Alena Apina, Larisa Dolina, Victor Rakov, Dmitry Kharatyan, Dmitry Pevtsov, Nani Bregvadze. Last year I took a break and only write music for his new album, and want my husband had a big musical number from a few songs, maybe with some chords.

— Do you have any more ideas and desire to try a new kind of creativity? For example, in the movie or the theater.

— It may be that I will soon try yourself in the role of an actress in the theater and the movie. Recently I was a guest at major international festival. And one of the participants asked me to star in his film, and the next day I was offered to try myself in the theatre. Once upon a time I had the experience in the movie, but honestly, not very good. Now, hopefully, everything will be different. More recently, I quite actively promoted in the Internet. I made a gorgeous website, I am in social networks. Many friends ask: “Why do you release CDs? Everything is on the Internet”. Yes, it is possible to download on the Internet, but personally, I am very important and expensive small plates that can be felt with your hands, to sign and donate. Therefore, the most important thing for me now is not the Internet, not cinema or theatre, and work on the drive that I would soon be released.

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