Elections in Russia foiled American agents: scientists analyze the exposure of senators

Well, now we know why the turnout in a single day of voting was low, and the election results were fresh-predictable, without sensationalism and raisins. Blame the Americans. According to the Senator, head of the Federation Council Commission for the protection of the state sovereignty of Andrei Klimov, the United States financed certain of an unnamed organization through one again, not named a CIS country, and that influenced the outcome of the campaign.

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This is a sensational exposure of “MK” asked to comment on President the Washington Center for global interests Nikolai Zlobin, and other scientists.

The senators claim that information about the illegal influence of foreign agents on Russian elections they received from Rosfinmonitoring and financial intelligence. As explained Klimov, they found that the money for the election campaign in Russia has passed “and in cash and cash equivalents, and cryptocurrency”. By the way, in Rosfinmonitoring about anything like that is not officially declared and even declined to comment.

To stop “this mess”, the senators propose to prohibit candidates for election campaigns to communicate with persons with dual citizenship, and in case of violation — the first to withdraw from the race, and the last one to send from Russia. However, in the form of the bill, the initiative has not yet been issued.

– I have these accusations and assumptions of Russian senators do not cause anything but surprise and bewilderment, – has told “MK” Nikolai ZLOBIN. – I was taken aback when I heard about it. I honestly do not understand how the US could be the need to influence municipal elections in Russia? And the results of such influence are seen.

Perhaps the senators were referring to those programs for the young leaders that lead US. Such programs in America quite a lot, and Russia has always been a part of them.

Now they are in the Russian Federation tens only programmes invitations eleven students, and some prominent Russian politicians passed through them at the time. For Example, Dmitry Rogozin. No nothing wrong with such training is still not seen, but Russia can always say no to the United States to conduct these programs. There is a similar program and the OSCE. By the way, I don’t really understand why Russia does not carry out similar training for Western young politicians?

But in any case, these programs do not distort election results. In the United States is not prohibited direct investments in the electoral campaign of other countries, but only under the condition that the country allow for foreign participation. In Russia, the investment of foreign money in the political process is prohibited, therefore the USA do not do it. Otherwise, there would be a probability of scandal, and why it is needed, and for which the risk of the election of the middle and lower level?

– May be, in municipal elections of the USA trained, how they will affect the coming presidential campaign in Russia?

– No, presidential campaigns are quite different methods, municipal technology to them not to apply. And to be honest, I was working in Washington, did not notice that someone was interested to influence elections in Russia.

Similar is the opinion of the Director of the Moscow International Institute of political expertise Yevgeny Minchenko: “the US is really invested in the projects, which can influence the political situation in Russia, but we are not talking about the funding of specific elections and candidates. This makes no sense, it is more efficient to change the mood with the help of public institutions, the media and the blogosphere”.

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