“Fight of Kazakhstan boxer Golovkin and Mexican Alvarez ended in a draw

The audience is unhappy with the lack of a winner, experts point to mistakes in judging

Saul Alvarez (left) and Gennady Golovkina: Reuters

– The world champion on Boxing under version WBA (Super), WBC, IBF and IBO. Middleweight Gennady Golovkin from Kazakhstan and the representative of Mexico Saul “Canelo” Alvarez a draw has completed the title fight, held in Las Vegas.

The battle lasted 12 rounds, the results of which the opinions of judges were divided: 118-110 (Alvarez), 115-113 (Golovkin), 114-114 — a draw.

Thus, Golovkin retains his titles at Middleweight for the WBC, WBA, IBF and IBO. 25-year-old Alvarez remains with the title the best version of The Ring.

The representative of Kazakhstan called the fight a “dramatic show” and added that he intends to hold a new battle.

“Of course I want another fight. We got a real fight. Titles I still have, I am still the champion”, – quotes the words of solidarity to The Guardian.

This draw was the first in the career of the undefeated Golovkin – up to this point he has won 37 battles so far. The only failure remains Alvarez defeat Floyd Mayweather in 2013.

Scandalous refereeing

Meanwhile, The BoxingScene notes that DRA has caused discontent of the spectators present at the match. The publication cites the opinion of an expert and commentator Teddy Atlas, who is convinced that the arbitrator Adelaide Byrd, which gave the victory to Alvarez, was judged biased.

Speaking live on ESPN, Atlas said that the whole week had warned that the outcome of the battle will be, at least, controversial. In his opinion, Boxing is currently suffering from a serious corruption.

“Corruption exists in Boxing. Look who it is (such the outcome of the battle – if) profitable,” – he said, answering a question about what he thinks about the decision.

Atlas said that the rivals have become closer to each other on the level – according to the expert, two years ago, Golovkin won more than a landslide victory, but according to him, and this time Alvarez only showed the box with which to claim victory.

“In Boxing today are not things that should be valued. Today valued money, power and control. And only a few people in Boxing is the real power, several of the promoters who decide who will judge the battle,” – said the expert, noting that in the interest of the organizers to hold another fight and earn even more money.

In turn, the Director of the Athletic Commission of Nevada Bob Bennett, commenting on the unexpected decision of one of the arbitrators stated that “such is the life of a judge.” “She was having a bad evening the night of a big fight”, – quotes its words of Associated Press.

WBA President Gilberto Mendoza, Jr. wrote in his Twitter that “this is why the WBA is going to hold referee courses and to train new arbitrators. You must to evaluate judges.”

#Boxing That is why at the WBA we are going to give courses and prepare new referees. We have to rigorously evaluate officials.

— Gilberto J Mendoza (@GilberticoWBA) 17 Sep 2017

British former world heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis wrote that the battle was great, but “not even close to a draw”.

“Well, here again, a ridiculous score on the judges’ cards,” he said.

Here we go again. 😞 These scorecards were ridiculous! #canelovsggg

— Lennox Lewis (@Lennox Lewis) 17 Sep 2017

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