Football, Europe: nedvigovsky “Zenit” and successful “Spartacus”

The hot round gave us the Premier League clubs in the past football weekend. And who would have thought that the most striking match with all the variety of eye-catching signs will take place in Grozny or Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, where “Tosno” played with “Anzhi”. So rich in emotions and events of the game, I confess, from the outsiders of the championship was not expecting too much, as opponents take it and give a super match, already in injury time to which tenentes, and they were the surest opportunity to pull out the same win box.


“Zenit” is not missed, but failed to score more explicitly seeking the victory of “Dynamo”. Quincy promes once again confirmed that is rightfully called the main star of the Premier League, but Lokomotiv failed to take advantage of a misfire of the team Roberto Mancini to lead the standings. And the same tour was a good test battle for our representatives in the European competitions, most of which did not disappoint before the start of the group stage of the Champions League and Europa League, although obvious problems visible to the naked eye every Russian europractice.

Not to say that these problems arose only yesterday. CSKA is not the first year is in a state of permanent search for a striker, but after leaving Ahmed Musa still can not find him more or less adequate substitute. Every match is typed in sports arrogance and confidence Vitinho, but he has yet to become the leader of the army attacks. Fedor Chalov slightly slowed its progressive running, and the time the rest of the younger generation of the red-blue yet to come. It’s great that in a match with “amkarom” shot Timur Zhamaletdinov, but treat it as the main hope in the attack prematurely — one of youthful enthusiasm to open the defense of “Manchester United”, Benfica and Basel, are unlikely to be sufficient.

Similar problems and “Loco”, however, the loss of the injured Ari, the team of Yuri Semin is not going through as acute as the army. Yeah, not enough of the tip of the attacking spear, but Yuriy Pavlovich so skillfully assign responsibilities between the attacking Midfielders, what about the missing Ari fans if I remember, it is only in these most difficult team moments. “The locomotive” and in its best days did not belong to the followers of bright attacking style. From a good and effective striker would not refuse any one Premier League club (except that the “Zenith” attack line equipped with stock), so that the forward Semin would not hurt, but his presence or absence will not be a determining factor in the Europa League.

But “Zenit” before the start of the European Cup disappointed with their game in Khimki. Dynamo, no doubt, fought, but the closer was the final whistle, the more he remembered the words of Valery Gazzaev, compared after one of the failed matches of CSKA and their players with academicians with canes. The Petrograd two-thirds of the playing time possessed the ball and created the supermoment at the end of each half, but to score a goal to Anton Shunin failed. After the match, Mancini praised the group attacking the Argentines, and released them to replace the Russians, but the effectiveness of the attack remained at zero. However, drew attention not so much by low productivity, as the lack any kind of imagination in action for Zenit on the outskirts of the penalty area. The overall advantage is white-blue there is no doubt, but lacked unexpected feint or invisible Juliano Paz Danny. But neither the Brazilian nor a Portuguese in the team anymore. Zenit played very correctly, but predictable, which is a bit worrying before the European launch.

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