Frequent sex declared the secret of youth extension

The brains of people, often engaged in sex are more likely to continues to operate at full strength even in old age. How to say British experts from Oxford and Coventry University, rather active intimate life helps a person to avoid senile dementia and other problems with intelligence.


To participate in the study, the researchers invited 73 people, including 28 men and 45 women aged 50 to 83 years. Each of the volunteers asked if they had sex during the 12 months preceding the survey. After that, the participants had to pass several tests to determine the current status of cognitive abilities — including, vocabulary, attention and memory. As it turned out, the participants engaged in sex daily, showed better results than those who engage in sexual intercourse weekly or more, only about once a month. According to scientists, this is indirect evidence that is often engaged in sex people are less susceptible to the weakening of intelligence and the development of age-related neurodegenerative diseases.

Experts say that sex and cognitive ability can be associated on a biological level, and a role can play such hormones as dopamine and oxytocin. However, in order to better understand their role, require further information, the researchers note.

It is worth noting that scientists do not consider the probability of any fundamentally different explanations for trends — for example, that regular sex and good memory can be two independent from each other evidence of good health in her old age.

On their findings, the experts told the publication The Journals of Gerontology: Series B.

In several studies conducted by other scientists in the past have already found out, what even on reaching the elderly, most people, contrary to popular belief, almost loses interest in sex.

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