“Great granddaughter” Matilda Kshesinskaya joined the troupe of the Bolshoi theatre

September 12 evening, the Opera “Boris Godunov” Bolshoi theatre of Russia opened its 242-season. On the same day, on its Historical stage there was a traditional gathering of troupe, where he summed up the past season and once again resounded already known (declared in the summer) plans for the current season. The main intrigue is: how these plans, especially the ballet parts thereof, will be adjusted in connection with the transfer (or cancellation?) ballet “Nureyev”, and the tragic death of choreographer Sergei vikhareva (died June 2, in the dentist chair).

Photo: Pavel Rychkov Grand theatre

From holiday the main part of the ballet came out September 10, but now all waiting for news… waiting for them As journalists, in a considerable number occupy the Historical stage — chock-full of cameras everywhere, the clicks and flashes of cameras. In tolochino purple space Historical scenes hung in the tense pause…

In 15.06 applause their places at the table occupied by the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky, the General Director Vladimir urin, music Director Tugan Sokhiev, Director of ballet of Mahar Vaziev. Vladimir urin opens the honorable Assembly, and immediately passes the word to greet the Minister of culture Medinsky. “I could not come in Big, my favorite theater, as well as a favorite of millions.”

The news of the day with a mark “lightning”: the ballet “Nureyev” under house arrest directed by Kirill Serebrennikov (and choreographer Yuri Posokhova and composer Ilya Demutsky). About it continue to circulate rumors, even betting (banned — do not have time to prepare, show — will not show). The premiere date was repeatedly postponed: season 2018–2019, may 2018, finally December 2017… the company Assembly, the General Director urin said the following: “I want to reiterate that I really hope that this season we will play the ballet “Nureyev”. I was on the phone with Kirill Serebrennikov, when he was still filming, but, unfortunately, life makes its own adjustments. I appealed to the Investigation Committee with a request to allow a meeting with Serebrennikov. I agreed with the investigator, and he said he was ready to allow. At the meeting with Kirill Serebrennikov, we will define the fate of this show. The show should go with the permission of the government. And he shall go out without him or with him, will depend on the government”. Director of ballet of Mahar Vaziev hopes that the premiere of the ballet “Nureyev” will take place in December 2017.

As always, the cast — distribution of awards from the Board of Trustees, announcement of the plans and presentation adopted in the troupe of new young artists. And here is the sensation: only in ballet shelf replenishment by as much as 22 people. That’s the number of graduates of ballet schools makharbek Vaziev was invited to the Bolshoi. And this is a rare case… Among the newcomers is not only the pupils of the Moscow Academy of choreography, the troupe will include several people from the Vaganova Academy (in particular, “great granddaughter of” Matilda Kshesinskaya Eleonora Sevenard, a pupil of Nikolai Tsiskaridze Egor Gerashchenko), Novosibirsk (who had already married silver prize-winner of competition “Russian ballet” Arsenty Lazarev), Perm.

But the most valuable acquisition — Chino, mark: a unique Russian-Japanese dancer, medalist and gold medal winner of many international competitions, including the chief of them, held in June at the Bolshoi theatre chaired by Yuri Grigorovich. And, again, event if not unique, then, in any case, rare in ballet history (well, except that with the God of dance Nijinsky, then with Nureyev, Cherry, and not so long ago with Vasilyev): in September mark Chino will dance at the Bolshoi, one of the main parties in the ballet “Etudes”. The premiere of the ballet took place in the last season, not to say that artists of the Bolshoi coped with it in a perfect way. Now to help them Director of ballet thrown the best forces of the “last call”. Will be busy in the repertoire of the Bolshoi and other “recruits” — for example, Eleonora Sevenard. So in the new season makharbek Vaziev was generous on surprises…

Plans: 242‑season we expect 11 new productions of operas and ballets. Of them in the field of ballet (in addition to “Nureyev”, the premiere of which, I hope, will be): ballet from the living classic of world ballet from John Neumeier’s “Anna Karenina” which will show on the Historical scene March 23; ballet “Romeo and Juliet” staged by Alexei Ratmansky and ballet Jiri Kylian’s “Forgotten land” to the music of “Requiem” by Benjamin Britten that will be added to the evening one-act Premier last season (the ballet “the Cage” and “Sketches”). Prime Minister odnoaktnaya Kilian soon, November 2. “Romeo and Juliet” is also not far off on November 22. To achieve exclusive from the former artistic Director of the Bolshoi (now Alexei Ratmansky works in new York, is the choreographer-the resident of the American ballet theatre) theatre and could not, therefore, bought the ballet, staged for the National ballet of Canada in 2011, that is six years ago.

Premiere of “the Great Petipa” the 200th anniversary of his birth, is scheduled for 6, 7, 8 July, has been cancelled. Previously it was assumed that this evening will be presented the reconstruction of the Petipa choreography from three main experts: Yuri Burlaka, commercial Sergei and Alexei Ratmansky. Now Director of ballet of Mahar Vaziev has told that in connection with the tragic death of Sergei floor to hold it does not make sense. As for the jubilee Petipa, may 31 at the Historic theatre will stage a gala concert of world ballet stars, dedicated to the ballet classics. Vaziev also implies the end of the season to resume the ballet “Pharaoh’s Daughter” by Marius Petipa.

Will resume the ballet “Coppelia” (ballet by Petipa and Cecchetti) Sergey floor. However, the “premiere” of this resume previously scheduled at the New stage on December 14 (now the poster this place is the ballet “Flames of Paris”), in connection with the tragic death of the choreographer and the transfer of the ballet “Nureyev” now I plan to show in the second half of the season. To 100‑th anniversary of Yuri Lyubimov on September 27 will revive his production of “Prince Igor”, and 30 September and a gala concert in memory of the master. The Bolshoi theatre will return to the Opera Handel’s “Alcina”. This co-production with Large International Opera festival in AIX-EN-Provence (France). Music Director and conductor, will perform Andrea Marcon, and the Director Katie Mitchell. In the second half of the season Tugan Sokhiev, together with the Director Rimas Tuminas will present a new stage version of “Queen of spades” by Tchaikovsky. In addition, claimed “the most melodramatic of melodramas” — Opera by Giuseppe Verdi “Ball-masquerade”, and will close the season on 24 July the new version of the Opera La bohème by Giacomo Puccini.

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