“Helsinki is England”: in Kaliningrad are unable to sue “Open Russia”

The world court in Kaliningrad acquitted the member of the movement “Open Russia” (RR), which was charged under the administrative article to punish for participation in the activities of the organization, recognized as undesirable on the territory of the Russian Federation.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

The Protocol for the activist PR Jacob Grigoriev was made during a rally on 2 July. Local police Petrosyan suspected Grigorieva, unfurled the flag of the “Open Russia”, that he is a member of the British organization Otkrytaya Rossia.

Trying to justify their point of view, the district court, according to the words of the Manager pravozashita’OR, Pauline Nemirovsky, argued that “Open Russia” held one of their congresses in Helsinki, they are in the UK, and therefore the PR is the most unwanted organization. In addition, prosecution witnesses are the police tried to call the “Open Russia” “Russia Negative”.

However, the lawyer Sergei Grigoriev Badamshina was able to explain to the court what is included in the list of the Ministry of justice of the British Otkrytaya Rossia and the Russian OR — different organizations, Helsinki — capital of Finland.

Recall that the introduction of Otkrytaya Rossia in the list of the Ministry of justice occurred on April 26, two days before the protest action of the “Open Russia” “I’m Tired”. Later in the Prosecutor’s office and the Ministry explained that the Russian “Open Russia” have no complaints.

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