“HQs destroyed in Syria three plant Shahid-tanks

Aviation of Russia’s air strikes destroyed three makeshift plant Shahid-tanks, which were first adopted by the terrorists in Syria, said Friday the chief of staff of troops of the Russian Armed forces in Syria, Lieutenant – General Alexander Lapin.

According to him, Shahid-tank is a tank, usually a T-55 or T-62, in the fighting compartment of the tower which laid anti-tank mines, TNT, ammoniac saltpeter. “It was first used by ISIS,” – said Lapin. “On-site Acerbating district is the only plant (for the production of Shaheed-tanks and infantry fighting vehicles). He worked with 2015 and was destroyed on August 29. Also opened a factory in Deir ezzor, the same plant was opened in es Sohne”, – said the General.

He noted that the plant in Acerbate worked in the former agricultural workshops. According to him, all plants were discovered videoconferencing Russia with unmanned aerial vehicles. The chief of staff announced that the Russian military drones have repeatedly observed, as a Martyr-the tanks are being undermined on the approach to the combat order of the government forces of Syria. “When blasting is complete defragmentation of the tank, there is nothing left. Lethal striking effect in a radius of 300 meters affects everything alive. The same war machine – Shahid-BMP. One of variants – the BMP-1… Affects the killing power – up to 200 meters,” the General said, noting that stuffed the BMP the same things and tanks. “Frankly, the damage of undermining such Shahid-Shahid tanks and IFVs significant. We learned how to deal with them. On those directions we will use antitank systems, prepare special firepower of long-range and prepare special minefields,” – said Lapin.

Aviation of Russia’s air strikes destroy tanks with your bombs ofab-500, he said. According to Lapin, in these shops, the terrorists carried out the “modernization” of ordinary tanks. The militants increased the protective capabilities of the armor, navarivaya handicraft produced cumulative bars on tanks T-55, T-62 and the tower strengthened iron bars, which were laid sand bags, providing additional protection for the crew. “We have repeatedly observed when using ATGM and getting the protection could not hit one to hit the crew. The design of the tank allows the active offensive and defensive actions. And only the Russian space forces capable of hitting the tank with his aircraft with bombs ofab-500” – said the chief of staff.

The Supreme court has recognized the “Islamic state” (ISIL, ISIS) terrorist organization whose activity is prohibited on the territory of Russia.

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